Chargers vs. Broncos: Preview and Prediction

By Michael Pidgeon
Peyton Manning
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning had the greatest statistical season for any quarterback in NFL history. That’s all well and good, and Manning is forever be remembered for it. Here’s the kicker though: without a Super Bowl ring, Manning’s season will be considered a failure.

Manning and the Denver Broncos finished with a 13-3 record, which was good enough to give them the no. 1 seed in the AFC playoff picture. The coincidence in all of this is that the other three teams left in the AFC postseason picture are the three teams that were able to defeat Manning and the Broncos. In order for Peyton to get to the Super Bowl, he has to get revenge on two out of three of the teams that defeated him during the regular season. That all starts this Sunday.

The San Diego Chargers are well aware that they have the ability to defeat the Broncos in Denver because they’ve already done it this season. Even with that said, the Chargers need to avoid being overconfident. We all know Manning has been studying film of his loss to the Chargers, trying to find that one mistake he may have made that could have cost Denver the victory. Peyton will walk into Sunday well prepared for San Diego and this time, the Chargers may not be so lucky.

It’s so hard to pick against Manning, so I’m not even going to try. Manning and the Broncos will get revenge on Philip Rivers and the Chargers this Sunday, and Peyton will find himself one step away from another Super Bowl opportunity.

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