Jay Gruden The Right Man To Fix Washington Redskins

By Ryan Wenzell
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden is no stranger to hard work. He started off as an offensive assistant in the Arena Football League, moved up the ranks to head coach in the AFL, then to offensive coordinator in the NFL and now he finally will be the head coach of a professional franchise.

He did not get hired because his last name is Gruden. Jay made a name for himself. Much like his older brother, Jay has a natural aura about him. When he speaks people listen, and he is a leader of men as well as an offensive guru.

I think the Washington Redskins have a slam dunk with Gruden. Dan Snyder always loves to make big splash hires, and a Gruden certainly falls into that category. More importantly than that, I believe this is the perfect coach to get Robert Griffin III‘s game back on track.

Gruden will mold him into more of a pocket passer instead of relying on his legs and the read option. This is perfect for his game as his passing skills in the pocket looked unpolished and unrefined last season.

Some of this may have been due to injury. Rehab took up a lot of his time, and he didn’t put as much time into his craft. That will certainly change this offseason as Gruden is going to demand that Griffin III takes that next step in his young career.

People are going to wonder whether his rookie year was a fluke, and Gruden and company will be out to prove it wasn’t. Accountability will be a big factor with Gruden. No longer will people — namely Griffin III — receive special treatment and be put up on a pedestal.

This is a new era in Washington; change was needed, and it has arrived.

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