2014 NFL Playoffs: Andrew Luck vs. Tom Brady Will Live Up To Hype

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Luck, Tom Brady
USA Today Sports

You hear it all the time – football is the ultimate team game. While that statement is true, it’s also a fact that today’s NFL is a quarterback driven league. If your team doesn’t have a good QB, your team probably isn’t going anywhere near the Super Bowl. It’s not a coincidence that all of the remaining teams this year have stud QBs.

Of all the divisional round matchups this weekend, Colts vs. Patriots is arguably the most intriguing one of all. The main reason why? Andrew Luck and Tom Brady.

While Luck versus Brady isn’t getting near the hype a Luck versus Manning matchup would have gotten, it’s still getting its fair share of love. This is still very much a ‘teacher versus student’ situation. The hardened veteran is set to defend his home turf against the up-and-coming star for a chance to play in the AFC title game. It doesn’t get a whole lot better in terms of storylines.

The x-factor in this game is going to be the weather. Current forecasts call for strong winds up 45 mph at kickoff. Obviously, both QBs are good enough to overcome such factors, but strong winds aren’t to be taken lightly.

When it comes down to it in this divisional round game, I think both Luck and Brady will perform like they usually do. They’re going to rise above the conditions and put on a show for the fans. It might not be a show for the ages because of the weather, but it will be a show that lives up to the hype.

So who’s going to come out on top? I’ll take the seasoned vet in this one. The Colts aren’t quite there yet and I just don’t think they have enough on both sides of the ball to knock off Brady and company on the road.


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