Baltimore Ravens' Pre-Draft Profile: Eric Ebron

By Jermaine Lockett
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As I continue to look at the list of top players in this year’s draft, there are some gems and some busts. The Baltimore Ravens are going to do their homework and find that not all projected first round players in this class are gems. Today, after viewing the top projected tight end, I can honestly say I’m not impressed. Eric Ebron should be labeled a wide receiver or something else because he is no TE.

The North Carolina star has great hands and is able to make one handed grabs. Ebron can make tough catches in tight windows and is very good at going up for the ball at its highest point. He plays big and matches his size with speed, being able to get behind defenders with ease. Watching him locate the ball in the air and adjust to make the catch is something majestic. The Ravens would love to have a player with such talent coming across the middle.

Ebron has shown toughness after the catch; with his strong 6-foot-4, 243 pound frame, he is able to absorb big hits and hold onto the ball. This Tar Heel drops his shoulder and runs through defenders, even dragging them along at times. He is able to line up in the slot as a receiver and excels at screen passes. However, my problem with this player was not in his receiving ability, but in his other responsibilities as a team player.

This Mackey Award Finalist has a glaring issue that draft scouts and coaches are going to notice right off the bat. Ebron is lazy. If the play is not set up for him, he takes the play off. He is sluggish on run-blocking, giving up on the play after the initial shove. He lets smaller defenders outplay him to get to the ball-carrier. Ebron is absolute trash on special teams, with similar issues with blocking.

Initially, I thought this was going to be the best TE to come out since Tony Gonzalez, but after viewing more games, I view him as the laziest, most selfish TE to come out of the draft. If any coach sees what I see, his draft stock is going to drop significantly and he may even be changed to WR because of his lack of blocking ability.

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