Celebrity Johnny Manziel Would Be Star Quarterback With New York Jets

By Tony Tranghese
Kevin Liles -USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel needs to end up somewhere he can’t get into trouble. Fortunately for him there isn’t a team in the draft that needs a quarterback whose city could provide Manziel with the temptation or sin that I or the media would love for him to be tempted by. Say what you want about Jacksonville or Cleveland. I’m sure they are nice cities, but let’s be real; outside of a bar fight and a possible traffic violation, how much trouble could Manziel get in?

That’s why New York is the best landing spot for Manziel. I don’t care that the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith last year. He hasn’t shown me enough to be considered a franchise quarterback. The Jets’ offense is going to be anemic at best next year anyway, so why not draft Manziel? Johnny Football has a little Joe Namath in him. He has the it factor, and he can make things happen. He may not have the best arm or the size to play in the NFL, but he certainly has the celebrity and the will to be successful.

New York is center stage, and the media would have a field day. Mark Sanchez did everything in his power to be the next Joe Namath from GQ photo shoots to model girlfriends, but he couldn’t win on the field.
Manziel has it. He could probably win at least seven games with the band of misfits Rex Ryan has put together. The Jets are not going to be relevant next year regardless of who is throwing the football, but they would be relevant if we Manziel was let loose on the Big Apple. I need this, Rex needs this, and everyone who follows Johnny Manziel on Instagram needs this.

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