Ken Whisenhunt Is Best Off Staying With San Diego Chargers For One More Year

By Devin O'Barr
Ken Whisenhunt
Melina Vastola – USA TODAY Sports

It’s always hard trying to decipher which current NFL coordinator has the best shot to be a head coach further on down the line. In fact, teams that decide to take a chance on a first-year head coach oftentimes wind up with egg on their faces. Meanwhile other risk-taking franchises have enjoyed multiple Super Bowl rings thanks to a coordinator getting his first shot at glory.

With a head coaching gig already under his belt, Ken Whisenhunt isn’t exactly a mystery around the NFL. As was evident by a miraculous comeback season from Philip Rivers‘ in 2013, Whisenhunt knows a thing or two about running a pass-happy offense — just ask Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald.

Furthermore, the Chargers’ offensive coordinator has caught the eye of many and is rumored to three head coaching jobs in particular as of right now. The Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions all need a head coach and have reached out to Whisenhunt at one time or another. To be honest: Whisenhunt shouldn’t even respond to those calls. Remember: the Chargers’ offensive coordinator is no spring chicken just because he’s in San Diego. At 51-years-old, Whisenhunt knows when he has a good thing going and leaving San Diego for any of the aforementioned teams is just plain stupid.

Not only are the Browns and Titans without a franchise quarterback, the Lions’ signal-caller is Matthew Stafford, who thinks he’s the next Brett Favre despite never winning a playoff game! The Rivers-Whisenhunt combination is deadly, and the offensive coordinator in this case would be making a big mistake by booking for a bottom-feeder just to have a tad more power and a cooler name tag.

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