New Orleans Saints: Capable of Winning in Seattle?

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints aren’t too fond of CenturyLink Field. Unfortunately for them, that is exactly where they will be going on Saturday afternoon. The Saints have to travel back to the sight of a four-hour long nightmare earlier this season, in prime time, no less.

As most football fans will remember, the Saints got absolutely embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the Seattle Seahawks, for the entire nation to see. The Saints and Drew Brees’ road struggles have been well documented.

They were poor on the road in the regular season going 3-5 and squeaked by the Philadelphia Eagles last week despite not playing their best game offensively, especially through the air. This is an extremely tough match for the Saints.

If there is one thing that rattles Brees, it is pressure in his face and tight, bump-and-run coverage down the field. The Seahawks do both. They press and jam receivers making life miserable, in particular all world corner Richard Sherman. They also put heat on the quarterback and go four-deep at the defensive end spot.

The Saints will have to play their best game and the Seahawks will have to be off for the upset to happen. I just don’t see it happening in that crazy environment. The Seahawks will not let this opportunity slip through their fingers.

The best defense in football, a dominant running game with Marshawn Lynch, and a stellar second year quarterback in Russell Wilson will be enough to take down this Saints squad.

Final prediction? 28-16 Seahawks

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