Seattle Seahawks Are In Driver's Seat This Postseason

By Steven Carollo
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

If you ask many NFL fans, the majority would say the remaining teams that have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl this season are either the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots or the San Francisco 49ers.  Well, in my opinion, the clear cut favorite and the team in the driver’s seat is the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks finished this season tied with the best record in the NFL, with the Broncos, at 13-3.  The Seahawks have home field advantage throughout the postseason in the NFC, where they have lost a total of one home game over the past two seasons.

The Broncos on the other hand have home field advantage throughout the postseason in the AFC, but as we all know, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning tends to struggle in the playoffs. Plus, the Broncos lost last season at home right off the first round bye to the Baltimore Ravens, who went on to win the Super Bowl last year. So, there is no guarantee the Broncos will get by the San Diego Chargers this weekend, and even if they do, the Broncos could easily get knocked out the following week.

The Patriots are a team that highly benefit from a weak AFC East division. While they could potentially beat any team they face in the AFC and go to the Super Bowl this season, due to the AFC’s lack of defensive talent, I cannot see them beating an NFC team with a strong defense, like the Seahawks and 49ers. The 49ers can get to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, force turnovers and three and outs, and then on offense ram it down the Patriots’ defense, who has their fair share of problems as well.

The 49ers just went to the Super Bowl last season, but that is because they did not have to go to Seattle.  In Week 2 of this season, when the 49ers had to play in Seattle, the Seahawks absolutely dominated the 49ers from start to finish and won a lopsided 29-3 game.  Not only this season, but going back to last year as well. The Seahawks beat the 49ers in Seattle by an even bigger blowout, 42-13. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has struggled mightily in Seattle and I would expect the same result if the 49ers have to go to Seattle again, which I think is a strong possibility.

The Seahawks are just a team where everything clicks for them at home.  Their defense is almost unbeatable and their offense plays to a whole other level.  This is why I think the Seahawks will come out of the NFC and go to the Super Bowl this season and win it all.  The Super Bowl is played at a neutral location, which could potentially hurt the Seahawks given their dominance at home. Since this year’s Super Bowl will be played outdoors at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, where the weather is supposed to be just as bad or even worse than in Seattle, the Seahawks should be used to the climate conditions, as well as the roaring sold out crowd, and should feel right at home.

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