Washington Redskins: Tim Tebow Could Be Perfect Backup QB For Jay Gruden

By Tony Tranghese
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden is the ideal hire for the Washington Redskins. He worked wonders with Andy Dalton, and has access to his brother’s brain at the click of a text message. Gruden is far from the flashy hire that everyone expected from the Redskins.

I’m proud of Dan Snyder for not hiring the big name. We all saw how well that went last time. I have always said Snyder needs to patient with his next coach. I have a feeling Gruden will test his patience, but in an NFC East that is a currently a clown car that’s being driven by Chip Kelly, anything is possible.

If Gruden can get past hanging out with Robert Griffin III and his father in the locker room. this may just be change that the Redskins needed. The only part of this move that I don’t like is that Kirk Cousins‘ days are now numbered. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved him for some of the draft picks they lost when they traded for the pick that they used to draft RG III.

If Gruden is sold on RG III and the spread option, he is going to need to find a backup capable of running it. Griffin is still made of glass. If Trent Dilfer was right about Tim Tebow, then this may be the perfect solution. The Redskins are still a circus. It only makes sense to bring in one more side show, especially if he can run the spread offense when RG III gets hurt.

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