What David Wilson’s Surgery Means For Role With New York Giants In 2014

david wilson

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In 2013, the supposed coming out party for David Wilson was cut short with a neck injury suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 6 on a tackle while trying to run out of the New York Giants‘ end zone. And now with the 2013 regular season officially over, Wilson got news that may hamper his on the field success for the rest of his career.

On Jan. 9, it was announced that Wilson will be undergoing a highly invasive neck surgery. Specifically, he will have a fusion of the vertebrae to fix the herniated disc in his neck. Now to understand this completely, neck injuries like this could be incredibly severe. With a bad enough injury, some people lose the ability to walk and move for the rest of their life. The neck is attached to the spinal cord, which is the center piece of movement to human life.

By all means, if Wilson did not get this surgery it is more than likely that his career would be over for the rest of his life. However, from the magic of modern medicine, Wilson will get another shot at NFL play next season.

Now even though the surgery technically fixes the neck injury that stopped his season short in 2013, it is crucial to keep a keen eye on it day after day, because one wrong move could take away his movement and send him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

His role will never be the same in the NFL, and the question of if he could be an every down back is now officially answered. Wilson will most likely play a smaller role in the likes of a kick returner that has less contact than running back every down. It is time to look forward to another running back to be the franchise changer Big Blue believed they had drafted in 2012.

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