Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson is "Danger Russ" for the New Orleans Saints

By Jeff Malco
Russell Wilson
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

How “Danger Russ” is Russell Wilson against the New Orleans Saints?

In Wilson’s entire NFL career, all of two years, he has a 63.6 percent completion rating. On December 2, when the Saints visited CenturyLink Field, Wilson finished the night 22-30, with a 73.3 percent completion rating, passing for 310 yards and three touchdowns. As if that wasn’t enough, Wilson rushed for 47 yards.

Wilson, an MVP candidate, must put together another spectacular performance on Saturday. He knows that in order to become not only MVP, but also an “elite” quarterback in the NFL, he has to succeed in the post-season; in his words, he has to be “clutch.” Wilson went on to say, “You think about the Tom Bradys of the world — that’s what makes him one of the best quarterbacks of all time, is because he’s been clutch in the playoffs and because he’s been clutch in the past, and same with so many other guys like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.”

Not only does Wilson need to be “clutch” but also be fully prepared. “The separation is in the preparation,” is one of Wilson’s favorite phrases, or so it seems, since he uses the phrase so frequently.

Will Wilson be “Danger Russ” enough to beat the Saints? We will see who is more prepared come Saturday afternoon.


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