St. Louis Rams GM Les Snead Covertly Sending Out Feelers To Gauge 2014 NFL Draft Trade Interest

By Anthony Blake
St. Louis Rams 2014 NFL Draft
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One of my personal favorite things about following and covering the St. Louis Rams on a regular basis is getting to hear what charismatic general manager Les Snead has to offer in terms of insight to his thinking on certain decisions that his position entails. He is always a candid interview with very little to hide, but he still finds a way to maintain a vibe of mystery around each and every development with the club. It would be crazy to think that the No. 2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft would be any different, and Snead recently discussed the possibilities of that choice with ESPN as he said:

“I don’t want to sit here and go, ‘Guess what, we’re trading back no matter what.’ You’ve always got to prepare for: What if you’re there and nobody wants to trade? What if you actually want to take a player? I think it just helps you thoroughly prepare that if you do move back, if you move back to this slot, what type of player, who do you think you’ll be picking from there? The thing you’ve got to evaluate is is that worthwhile depending on what you get?”

Now obviously there’s nothing terribly revealing in those comments, but it’s great to hear Snead break it down in an elementary manner for fans to understand that he’s looking at it just like they are. It’s a risk versus reward situation for the Rams, and Snead has been quite adept at managing those scenarios during his tenure in St. Louis to date.

Pretty much everyone and their third cousin know that a potential trade in 2014 won’t be nearly as simple as the deal the Rams pulled off back in 2012. Back then with two surefire franchise quarterbacks according to scouts in Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, neither the team picking first or second overall was going to be disappointed. Things aren’t nearly as clear-cut in 2014 with Teddy Bridgewater currently standing as the top signal-caller available with guys like Blake Bortles, the enigmatic Johnny Manziel and even Derek Carr in the discussion as the next best QB.

The truth is that Snead – along with all other personnel evaluators out there – is still trying to sift through the data on these players preparing to enter the league and find out who stands above who in the hierarchy. He did hint at the astronomical value of quarterbacks, however, and intimated that they are always the most coveted assets in any given draft. Perhaps this was just to drum up some early interest in a potential deal to move down the draft order, but Snead said:

“Now, I think what always happens at the top of the draft is, who needs QBs? How many QBs do people think are worthy? Then it’s just a supply and demand thing. Last year there were no QBs that went early. This year, you just don’t know that yet. Because the other teams have got to decide we need a QB, that’s a guy. Or those two are our guys. I think that’s what determines that.”

There may not have been any call yet regarding a deal to move down the draft order, but even the deal to move down with the Washington Redskins two years ago didn’t materialize until March – and that was when the draft happened in April. This will be a long process for the Rams as they await a potential bounty like the RG3 deal yielded a few years ago, but even Snead doesn’t foresee something that fortuitous happening again. When asked about the possibility, the GM said:

“Boy, that would be [great]. You never know through this process what other teams are thinking and who they really like. And then you’ve got to go through the interview process. And if it’s one to two to three QBs, and those guys went in interviews and all of a sudden, maybe so. When you’ve been on a team that’s looking for a QB, you’re going to at all costs try to go get that QB. I mean there’s a possibility.”

So you’re telling me there’s a chance, Les?

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