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10 Free Agents The Tennessee Titans Should Target This Offseason

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10 Free Agents To Target This Offseason

10 Free Agents The Tennessee Titans Should Target This Offseason
Jim Brown - USATODAY Sports

This is bound to be an offseason of transition for the Tennessee Titans.

Head coach Mike Munchak was fired after a 6-10 record in his third season in Nashville, the future at quarterback is unclear with Jake Locker showing plenty of promise in 2013, despite missing a significant chunk of the season due to injury, and the Titans have several key players about to enter free agency, including wide receiver Kenny Britt, safety Bernard Pollard and cornerback Alterraun Verner. A lot of important decisions will need to be by the Titans with regard to their head coach and key personnel before the team knows how it’s going to approach the rest of the offseason.

When all of that is decided, the Titans will eventually get to free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft, where they will have plenty of work to do if the team is going to improve in 2014. It may be tough for Tennessee to challenge the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South next season, but the AFC wildcard spots were fairly open this year, and if the Titans can improve their roster, they may be able to challenge for a playoff spot next year.

Of course, before the Titans can start thinking about the playoffs, they have some holes to fill. Tennessee could really benefit from another pass rusher, possibly two, and they may need to find reinforcements for their secondary depending upon whether or not they’re able to bring back Pollard and Verner. Of course, the quarterback position may need some attention as well. With that in mind, here are 10 free agents the Titans should consider going after this offseason.

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10. Charles Tillman, Cornerback

Charles Tillman, Cornerback
Rob Grabowski - USATODAY Sports

Charles Tillman probably won’t be going back to Chicago and he probably won’t cost a lot of money after an injury-plagued season, but he has plenty of football left in him. If the Titans end up losing Alterraun Verner to another team in free agency, Tillman would be a great short-term replacement for a year or two until they can find someone younger to take over at cornerback.

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9. Golden Tate, Wide Receiver

Golden Tate, Wide Receiver
Daniel Shirey - USATODAY Sports

It may be time to move on from Kenny Britt, and with Nate Washington getting on in years, bringing in Golden Tate may not be such a bad move. He’s far from an elite receiver, but he’s still young and he would only have to be a complement to Washington and Kendall Wright. It wouldn’t be a major move, but if Tate becomes the third or fourth receiver, he’d be a nice addition.

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8. Michael Bennett, Defensive End

Michael Bennett, Defensive end
Joe Nicholson - USATODAY Sports

Michael Bennett isn’t the biggest fish in the pond, but he’s a solid pass rushing option that probably won’t cost the Titans an excessive amount of money. Bennett shouldn’t be their main priority this offseason, but the Titans need to add two or three pass rushers this offseason, and Bennett should be one of the guys they target.

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7. Chris Clemons, Safety

Chris Clemons, Safety
Charles LeClaire - USATODAY Sports

With or without Bernard Pollard next year, Chris Clemons would be a great addition to the Tennessee secondary. He has size and experience, and would certainly be an upgrade over what the Titans have, especially if he ends up playing in tandem with Pollard.

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6. Justin Tuck, Defensive End

Justin Tuck, Defensive End
Andrew Weber - USATODAY Sports

A player like Justin Tuck is just what the Titans need. He’s over 30, but he proven in 2013 that he’s far from over the hill and can still be counted on to be a reliable pass rusher. Tennessee would obviously prefer a younger pass rusher, but there’s nothing wrong with targeting Tuck on a short-term deal.

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5. Sam Shields, Cornerback

Sam Shields, Cornerback
Jeff Hanisch - USATODAY Sports

If Alterraun Verner doesn’t return to Tennessee, Sam Shields would be a great replacement. Obviously, Verner would be their preference, but Shields is almost as young and almost as good as Verner, and he would give the Titans a reliable cornerback to play opposite Jason McCourty.

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4. Michael Vick, Quarterback

Michael Vick, Quarterback
Howard Smith - USATODAY Sports

Even if Jake Locker returns, the Titans should still target Michael Vick. With Locker being injury prone, it’d be advantageous to have a veteran like Vick that’s waiting on the sideline ready to go. Of course, there’s also no guarantee that Vick wouldn’t be able to beat out Locker for the starting job in the preseason, and promising Vick a chance to compete for a starting job could help entice him to come to Tennessee if the Titans choose to target him.

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3. Brian Orakpo, Linebacker

Brian Orakpo, Linebacker
Brad Mills - USATODAY Sports

Brian Orakpo is a talented pass rusher entering his prime, and if Tennessee ends up with a coach that switches to a 3-4 defense, he’d be a perfect fit for a team that needs to get more pressure on the quarterback. Even in a 4-3 scheme, the Titans should think about targeting Orakpo because they need pass rushers that badly.

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2. Jairus Byrd, Safety

Jairus Byrd, Safety
Timothy T. Ludwig - USATODAY Sports

Jairus Byrd probably doesn’t want to come back to Buffalo, and whether or not Bernard Pollard is back with the Titans next year, Byrd would be a great addition for the Titans, as he would provide a huge boost to their secondary and help them create a few more turnovers next year.

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1. Greg Hardy, Defensive End

Greg Hard, Defensive End
Steve Mitchell - USATODAY Sports

If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big. If Greg Hardy doesn’t re-sign with the Carolina Panthers, they could place the franchise tag on him, but there’s always a chance that Hardy gets to free agency, and if that happens, he’s going to be one of the best players available. Tennessee needs help with their pass rush, and Hardy would undoubtedly give that to them. It’s a best-case scenario, but if Hardy is available, the Titans have to go after him.