5 Free Agents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Target This Offseason

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5 Free Agents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Target This Offseason

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The fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired their new head coach in Lovie Smith is pretty good news this NFL offseason. That is about where the good news starts and stops for this team though after a year that wasn’t very good. To their credit they are always a hard fighting bunch but there just wasn’t much they were able to do against any opponents that were fairly tough.

Going into the 2014 season the Buccaneers will probably want to do what they can to give themselves a chance to win more than 4 games for the balance of the season. Hiring a new coach certainly good give a boost if only because it will change the way things are done and the way things were done clearly wasn’t working.

Smith has some success as a coach and the Bucs hope that he does bring success to their franchise as well. To do so they will likely try to make good with a high draft pick and also they could thicken their team through gains in the offseason and free agency. Though it doesn’t work quite as easily as it does in some other sports, the Bucs can still improve their team with good signings.

The players listed are the kind of players they need and if they can get them looking in the direction of Tampa Bay then they should grab them. What other players would you like them to go after or even release? What changes do you think they should make? Leave a comment below with any input as it is always appreciated.

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Josh Brown – K

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The Bucs had one of the worst FG percentages in the NFL this season. Being able to count on the guy going out to grab three points matters a ton every single game. Brown would be a good veteran option to put in the mix.

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Robert Meachem – WR

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Things might change a little more than most seasons with the coaching change in Tampa. One thing they definitely need though is some help in the receiving corp. Meachem is a well proven wideout that could do a lot of good for the team.

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Anquan Boldin – WR

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Obviously Boldin is a huge name among wide receivers and for good reason. Whether the Bucs could afford to sway him in their direction is unknown but if they could he would be a huge plus for the offense.

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B.J. Raji – DT

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Raji can play in a few spots on the defensive line and could potentially add some good rush defense as well as a little more pass rush.

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Colt McCoy – QB

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McCoy might end up being a life-long backup for someone but he also can start and might be a good option to bring in to help a young draft pick come along during training camp and into the season.

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  • Devon Turayoly

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  • KeithInTampa

    Geesh……Who is this guy David Miller? This is pretty pathetic, and I had a little more respect for RANT Sports up until now. Obviously this guy has no clue that we have Conner Barth as a Kicker, and to suggest that we need to pick up Robert Meachum, Anquan Bolden (both of which may, or may not have anything left in the gas tank) and Colt McCoy?
    Ya’ll must be desperate for filler during the playoffs to print such garbage?

    • David Miller Rant

      I wasn’t trying to upset anyone for sure but I do know the stats I saw showed the kicking game for the Bucs wasn’t all that good this year, It wouldn’t hurt to bring in some veteran talent to mix things up in camp at least. I understand you not agreeing. Perhaps you have a few ideas at which free agents could improve the Bucs overall team after winning only 4 games? I’d honestly love to hear what you have to say would be good additions. Thanks for the comment.

  • KeithInTampa

    Hello David, and thanks for responding!
    I assume you are aware that Conner Barth, who may be the most accurate PK in the NFL was out this season from an off-field injury prior to the 2013 pre-season even kicking off. The last reports were that Barth was coming along fine and should be ready for training camp, I don’t see this as the Bucs major focal point in off season.
    If I had my dithers, I would love to see the Bucs management focus on a journeyman QB to compete with Glennon. Colt McCoy is not my first choice, but I acknowledge that McCoy is a FA and most likely available, as is Josh McCown, Michael Vick, (who I hope Buccaneer management would stay clear of!); and I think Ryan Fitzpatrick could be had rather cheaply, with a late round draft pick.
    I do agree that the Bucs need a DE, but I’m not sold on the buster that you listed…..Green Bay’s defense (and especially it’s pass rush) doesn’t necessarily instill fear around the league!
    Just as with a defensive end, the Bucs desperately need a tight end; and Jimmy Graham is as good as resigned, despite the Saints’ salary cap woes.
    There’s not a lot of those out there floating around, but before I would waste huge money on a WR in his early to mid 30s I believe I would be searching for the aforementioned.
    Again, thanks for your response, and I apologize if I sounded a little harsh!

    • Farva55

      The bears aren’t going to let McCown go if he doesn’t retire. Vick maybe.

      The Bucs need ALOT of help and to suggest a guy like Anquan Boldin would be a bad move by the team is incredibly insane- AND IM NOT EVEN A BUCS fan.

      I think it’s insane that you insult the author and then come back with, oh the Bucs should sign Jimmy Graham. Sure. I would assume every team in football would say the same thing. Throw in the fact he’s not going anywhere….

      It’s just insane to me. Maybe you should stop insulting people when you clearly know less than they do.

      • KeithInTampa

        Good Afternoon Farva55,
        Well, to each his own. Personally, I stand by my original comments. It’s obvious that David Miller is not at all familiar with the Buc’s “needs” at free agent, and to suggest that the first free agency acquisitioln by the Buccaneer organization should be a kicker, (when the Bucs have probably the most accurate Place Kicker in the NFL) demonstrates as much.
        I emphasized that Saints TE Jimmy Graham will most likely not be available, but that is an area where the Bucs need help, e.g.; a Tight End, and not 33 year old receivers like Anquan Bolden or Robert Meachum who may have another year or two left in the league, if that long.
        The last I looked, McCown was a free agent, and no, the Bucs don’t need “A LOT” of help….There’s more talent on this team than you and Mr. Miler are obviously aware of…..

        • David Miller Rant

          Thanks for the comments. No big deal on the name calling as insults fly pretty freely between passionate NFL fans anyway. It’s not the first and I trust far from the last time it’s happened. Thanks for the reply about things you think they need though.

          I do think that Boldin would be a great addition for anyone if you reference his performance against the Panthers. As far as the kicker goes, any time a kicker is coming off of an injury it seems logical to me to want a reliable back-up option. That would be true in my opinion if the guy was the best kicker ever lived. Obviously the kicking game suffered this season so IMO they would be well served to go get a more reliable veteran kicker for the “just in case” scenario surrounding any players return from a long layoff.

          I understand you don’t agree and that is perfectly fine. Harshness is expected sometimes among sports fans.

  • Nick Frazzetto

    Michael Vick is headed to Tampa Bay Bucs. You heard it hear first. Who’s Vicks mentor? Tony Dungy, who’s Lovie best friend? Tony Dungy. who needs a elite QB? Tampa Bay Buc’s. Michael Vick will be wearing pewter next year, you can take that to the bank.