Miami Dolphins: Analyzing the Missing Pieces from the Dolphins' 2013 Season

By silviaguevara


Miami Dolphins 2013
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What a disappointing 2013 season for the Miami Dolphins who started the season 3-0 and one of the few teams to start undefeated in the first three weeks.

The fans had high hopes that it was going to be a celebratory season for the Dolphins and this was the year where things would change for the better. Needless to say, it was not the case when they lost two crucial games versus the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Two games where they were the favorite to win, which would have advanced them to the playoffs with teams they have beaten in the regular season. Most definitely, there was missing pieces in the 2013 season for the Dolphins that could have helped them move on to the playoffs.

The main piece that was missing in 2013 for the Dolphins was Reggie Bush. They needed a go-to running back that could cut and score touchdowns. Elusive, fast and can run the offense to get big time plays. A huge puzzle piece that was missing in the season. Another missing element was in the wide receiver position. There were so many expectations for Mike Wallace to be a huge scoring machine, however, it was a very disappointing debut for him and the Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill and Wallace barely connected on the football field and they didn’t have the chance to capture the magical moments they were expected to have this season. There was so much at stake for the Dolphins to succeed in 2013 and they failed short of the goal. Perhaps a leadership role was missing to keep the team grounded, someone with experience to get them to the wild card playoff.

Another former Dolphin running back who is doing well and could have made a difference is Ronnie Brown from the San Diego Chargers, who won their wild card game. Brown can easily attack the middle and break tackles. Why did the Dolphins ever trade him? That is a decision they are regretting now.

Those are two incredible running backs that would have made a huge impact during the playoffs, but the Dolphins decided to let go instead. They were two major missing pieces in the 2013 season for the team.

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