San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers Proves He is Just Mediocre; Will Never Be Elite

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Lost in the San Diego Chargers’ loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday was the absolutely miserable performance put on by Philip Rivers and the offense. Millions were tuned into the game late when it got interesting and seemed to forget the first three quarters. So, now that the game is over, allow me to address some beef I have with those that are in love with Rivers.

I don’t care what defense you are going against. When you are in the playoffs in a win-or-go-home situation, you better throw for more than 50 yards in the first three quarters — which he did not. What Rivers and the Chargers offense did prior to the final period was just downright disgusting.

Sure, if Rivers and the Chargers would have pulled off the miraculous comeback then we would likely be having a completely different conversation. But, he didn’t. They didn’t. The Chargers fell short, and because of that, we can look at the first three quarters of this game as to being the reason why.

In the first half, Rivers threw for a measly 20 yards. 20 yards in a half? I think Christian Ponder could have thrown for 20 yards in at least the first quarter — left handed. Heck, let’s bring Jeff George out of retirement — he could probably have done the same. But, Rivers? 20 yards? In an entire half? That’s pathetic.

Here’s another interesting statistic: Through 41 minutes, the Chargers had 73 yards of total offense. It’s no wonder San Diego had to scramble for points in the fourth quarter. They were taking a nap for the first three.

With the loss, Rivers is now just 4-5 in the playoffs as a starter and the Chargers still haven’t reached a Super Bowl under his leadership. Look at all of the so-called elite quarterbacks in the NFL, or at least the ones we can agree belong in that category: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Outside of those three, it’s very tough to place anyone in the “elite” conversation. But, those three have one thing in common — Super Bowl appearances. Not only that, but they also have won it all.

I can’t stand hearing so many “experts” and analysts — heck, especially fans — calling Rivers one of the elite quarterbacks in this league. Why should he be considered in that category? Sure, he’s boasted a fantastic regular season rating for his career — and so has Tony Romo.

I don’t want to hear this “Rivers is elite” garbage anymore. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. The conversation is over with and never to be held again. Rivers is good in the regular season, but less-than-stellar in the playoffs. Because of that, he’s simply a mediocre quarterback — period.

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  • Spacely

    You need to relax

  • doomedby2020

    It was Whisenhunt who called the plays. It was whisenhunt who is responsible for Rivers not throwing so much. Not to mention the Boltz O-line was weak against Denvers’ D resulting in 4 sacks.
    You get no respect Ryan, you are desperate for something to write about and clearly do not do your research (and apparently you don’t watch the games you report on)

    • Steven

      How many titles has Rivers won? Yeah. That’s what I thought. You are clearly an idiot.

      • doomedby2020

        QB’s don’t win titles, the team does. What an idiot.

  • Jack

    By god this is the dumbest thing ive read in months. Im a chargers fan and was embarrassed in the first three quarters but I give credit to Denver, they did their homework and outcoached the chargers that game. Before you start shit talking how about you take part of the NFL combine and lets see how ya do