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2014 NFL Playoffs: 10 Bold Predictions for Seahawks vs. 49ers

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Bold Predictions for Seahawks vs. 49ers

Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

The Divisional round of the 2013-14 NFL playoffs has come and gone and what’s left is probably two of the best Conference Championship games anyone could have hoped for. On the AFC side we’ll have another Peyton Manning-Tom Brady showdown as the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos. On the NFC side we have two bitter division rivals playing for the third time as the San Francisco 49ers travel to play the Seattle Seahawks. As you can tell from the headline, I’ll be focusing on the NFC game today.

The 49ers will be playing in their third straight NFC Championship as they look to avenge a heartbreaking Super Bowl 47 loss last year to the Baltimore Ravens. The Seahawks have been a prohibited favorite all year and earned the right to have home field advantage. The Seahawks have only lost once at home in the last two years as their stadium boasts one of the loudest home crowds in the league.

The 49ers didn’t fare very well in their Week 2 contest at Seattle, as they were throttled 29-3. They were also beaten badly in the previous year's contest in Seattle 42-13. Needless to say, the Niners haven’t fared too well in Seattle recently. The 49ers, however, won the second game at Candlestick 19-17. Despite their struggles in Seattle, the 49ers are probably the only NFC playoff team that has a chance of winning in that venue.

The following are 10 bold predictions for what should be an amazing NFC Championship game. Enjoy the show.

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Anquan Boldin has less than 5 catches

Sam Sharpe-USA Today Sports

Not sure if this is really a bold prediction considering how great the Seattle secondary is, but Anquan Boldin has been Colin Kaepernick's most targeted receiver for the year. Despite upping his game in the playoffs, Boldin will be shut down for the most part.

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Seahawks will get at least 4 sacks

Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

The Seahawks got to Kaepernick three times in the first game and twice in the second. There will be four in this third matchup.

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There will be at least 5 personal foul penalties

Steven Bisig-USA Today Sports

If you haven't heard, these two teams don't really care for each other. There will be a lot of pushing, shoving and more yellow than an episode of The Simpsons. D'oh!

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49ers will rush for over 125 yards

Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

This isn't out of the realm of possibility. Kaepernick himself ran for 87 yards in the Week 2 contest. Last Saturday Mark Ingram of all people had some nice runs. You CAN run on this Seattle D.

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Marshawn Lynch will rush for less than 75 yards

Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

Marshawn Lynch has typically done well against the 49ers. Although, in the second meeting, he was held to 72 yards on 20 carries. I believe Lynch will have a similar stat line in this game.

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49ers will get a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown

Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

I get the feeling that the 49ers need a defensive or special teams touchdown to have a chance to win in Seattle and I think they'll do just that. I'll go with a Navarro Bowman strip-sack that's recovered in the end zone.

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Steven Hauschka will miss a field goal attempt

Steven Bisig-USA Today Sports

As a Ravens fan, it irks me to see Steven Hauschka make a field goal. Now that he's on Seattle, he can make field goals in the wind and rain, but can't make a game-winner in the Metrodome? Come on, man. With the pressure on, little Hauschka will revert back to his 2009 self, at least once.

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Percy Harvin will actually make it through the whole game

Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

This might be my boldest prediction of all considering that Percy Harvin is like Mr. Glass from Unbreakable. Oh yeah, he's playing against the hard hitting 49er defense, too.

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Pete Carroll will do something stupid

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Getting lost in all of the success of the Seahawks is the fact that Pete Carroll has been known for blowing games in the past. Whether it be a bad timeout or a stupid challenge, I see Carroll doing something boneheaded that costs his team.

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49ers will win

Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

Yes, I'm a believer. The 49ers are the team of destiny after being heartbroken the past two years. They've paid their dues and now it's their time. It won't be easy to go into that raucous environment, but it will just make it all the sweeter for the 49ers. This should be one of the most intense NFC Championships of all time.

49ers 20, Seahawks 16