Cocky Colin Kaepernick Should Take Notes From Russell Wilson

By Ryan Heckman
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, as the San Francisco 49ers took out the Carolina Panthers in a rather convincing fashion, quarterback Colin Kaepernick stirred up some controversy with a post-touchdown celebration in the third quarter. On a 4-yard scramble, Kaepernick put his 49ers up 20-10 and proceeded to celebrate in a way that didn’t exactly please Cam Newton.

Kaepernick mocked Newton’s usual touchdown celebration by pretending to rip off his jersey as Newton does, alluding there’s an “S” on his chest. In his post game press conference, Newton had this to say regarding Kaepernick’s celebration:

“It’s not the first nor the last time somebody does that. I still won’t forget it.”

Kaepernick, meanwhile, called the gesture “just a little shout out.”

As we look forward to the 49ers’ matchup with the Seattle Seahawks next week for the NFC title, this will be a hot topic throughout the upcoming days. There will be a lot of talk about Kaepernick’s antics, but also plenty of comparisons to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. While some, like ESPN’s Ron Jaworski, are in love with Kaepernick, I happen to find a bit of disgust in the 49ers quarterback.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is perfectly find to celebrate after a touchdown. I even believe the league has taken away some of the fun in that aspect of the game. But, the way Kaepernick went about his mocking of Newton on Sunday was unacceptable. In fact, it reminded me exactly why I have such a high amount of respect for Wilson and, well, not too much for Kaepernick.

Wilson has been humble, soft-spoken and has displayed nothing but tremendous leadership since entering the NFL. Kaepernick has seemed to be much more full of himself and, as he displayed on Sunday, a bit more immature. Let’s be real here. The guy has been made famous for kissing his bicep after each touchdown he’s scored. Distasteful? Not necessarily. Immature and a bit arrogant? Most definitely.

If Kaepernick wants to place himself in the same conversation as Wilson, at least in my book, he needs to take a step back and learn to be humble. In the end, a real man always shows humility and only a fool boasts of his own accomplishments.

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