Colin Kaepernick’s TD Celebration Critics Are Simply Hypocrites

Colin Kaepernick critics are hypocrites

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In the third quarter as Colin Kaepernick scored a four-yard touchdown on a designed rollout run to give the San Francisco 49ers what would end up being a commanding 20-10 lead over the Carolina Panthers, Kaepernick decided to celebrate his touchdown. In this case he doubled down on his celebration as he took the Cam Newton Superman celebration and modified it by closing his shirt as to say Superman would not make an appearance on Sunday while then kissing his tattoo(s) on his bicep.

While that became a topic of conversation, what then caught my eye was all the subsequent reaction on Twitter and other social mediums where individuals have taken to calling Kaepernick classless, a punk or other unsavory words all for what was a simple touchdown celebration. Frankly, as far as I am concerned, everyone who criticized or has criticized Kaepernick for that touchdown celebration is a hypocrite because I am certain they have not had an issue when others have done similar touchdown celebrations or mocked a certain player.

The reason why I call the critics hypocrites is because I can go back into my memory bank for past acts of similar celebrations where there was no mention or criticism of those players for having celebrated the way they did. Let me begin by criticizing any Panthers fans who are acting offended. For the past decade, Steve Smith has done more than his fair share of mocking touchdown celebrations and trash-talking. Fans are clearly not offended when he does it or don’t think Newton overdoes his Superman celebration.

Moving on from Panthers fans, the next group of hypocrites on this case concerns people who are saying he is being disrespectful of Newton by mocking his Superman celebration. To this group I say you are hypocrites because back in their Week 10 game, the Panthers mocked Kaepernick’s kissing of the bicep celebration after sacking him several times yet I heard no one saying that was disrespectful.

To the last group of hypocrites and Panthers fans pretending to be offended, let me point out that Kaepernick and Newton are friends. All of this was one friend having fun with something his friend does. I know the vast majority of you at one point or another have rubbed it in your friend’s face when you have beaten them at something. That’s all Kaepernick did, and to blow it up as being something more is ridiculous.

Finally, for those who say a quarterback should not do that stuff, well I doubt you criticize Aaron Rodgers when he does his championship belt celebration. In fact, I am quite sure you are entertained by the series of commercials Rodgers now does with a certain insurance company that glorifies that celebration.

I am one who personally has no problem with guys celebrating and doing such celebratory things after a touchdown or big play because I am not one to want all these players to be emotionless robots. But it is quite clear that the vast majority of fans calling Kaepernick every vulgar and unflattering name in the book for his touchdown celebration on Sunday are hypocrites for singling him out from this past Sunday.

Lucas Carreras is a contributing San Francisco 49ers and Soccer writer for You can follow Lucas on Twitter by following him @maldini3fan and you can add him to your network on Google.

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  • Clint G

    As a Panthers fan the only problem I had with it was that it was not like most mocking celebrations where it is defender vs. offensive player or vice versa, when they are going against each other head to head that makes it different to me. I wasn’t nearly as upset as some were (many used it as a way to vent frustration from the loss) but I will not forget it and I know the Panthers won’t either. If the roles were reversed and Cam did the bicep kiss, I’m pretty sure I would be reading an article about how Cam is a jerk

    • Lucas Carreras

      As I mentioned in my the latter part of the article, I have no problem with any player who decides to celebrate a TD so while others might have written such an article saying Cam is a jerk or punk or any other word used. If anything as a fan, I’d be mad at the my defense for giving up the score to go down 10 at that point of the game and not the celebration afterwards.

  • kwasi B

    Lucas thanks for pointing that out. Your co-worker Ryan Heckman thinks the opposite. This whole thing was overblown and I believe that it happen in the third quarter so Cam had enough time to respond and it didn’t happen. Every team does this so why is this news? Kap will have to learn that anything he does will always be scrutinized because of the position he plays and the team he is on… and he will eventually learn that. At the end of the day, its just a touchdown celebration. Everyone/media nowadays is caught up in the smallest things that don’t even matter. (sigh)

    • Steven

      I think the opposite too. He’s a punk.

  • tnafam

    All fans are hypocrites, You whine about the calls and then you get called for whinning. Then when you win, you whine about the other fans being whiners. Learn to roll your eyes and deal with it. If Cam did the same, 49ers fans would be doing the same or worst….most likely worst because the 49ers fans are up there with one of the rowdiest fan base with Seahawks, Oakland, Philly and such.

  • Jenny Richter

    It’s just overblown when the saints and eagles played mark Ingram did shady’s touchdown celebration and not even a batted eye

    • Steven

      English please.

  • Scot Richardson

    Colin is a Bad Bad Man !