NFL Playoffs: Championship Round Games Are Must-Watch Television

By Phil Naegely
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While four more teams were eliminated in NFL Playoffs Divisional Round games, four teams advanced to the Championship Round. As a result, the four winning teams have set up two must-watch television for serious and casual NFL fans alike. They feature arguably the top four NFL teams, in addition to having four of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks.

The games feature the Denver Broncos against the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks face off against divisional foes the San Francisco 49ers. There are ample story lines to follow in both of these matchups, and each should lead to an action-packed four quarters of football. In addition, neither of these matches should be blowouts, but rather offensive shootouts that should be nail-biters until the end.

While being action-packed and games coming down to one last play, all four teams are filled with talented and depth. From QBs like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to WRs like Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin, these teams have various threats on offensive. The same can be said about the defensive side.

However, in these games, the offenses will shine as the defenses fall apart. When you have star starting quarterbacks like these four teams do, the offense usually shines. It is possible that there could be double digit touchdown totals in both games, and this screams good news for the league, teams trying to sell tickets, and television ratings.

Overall, these games will bring the  emotions out of every team playing this weekend. If you don’t watch this weekend, you will be disappointed, wishing you sat on your couch and watch the games. Don’t be a fool. Free up your weekend so you don’t look like a fool missing these thrilling, must-watch games.

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