Seattle Seahawks Will Have To Rely On Defense To Win A Championship

By Ryan Wenzell
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have a ferocious defensive unit. The secondary blankets in coverage, and no one wants to come across the middle with hard hitting safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor lurking.

The defense and a strong running game featuring Marshawn Lynch is what’s going to have to win the Seahawks a championship. Frankly the downfield passing game has been nonexistent. If Percy Harvin‘s concussion keeps him out the tilt with the San Francisco 49ers that really limits the Seahawks’ ability to open up the passing game the way they want.

With Harvin in the game the Seahawks looked like a different team. Harvin’s explosive gifts showed up in the screen game, on reverses and down the field. Without him the 49ers have the clear and concise edge on offense.

Keep in mind in addition to their dominant running attack the Niners feature explosive weapons in Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis and the best possession receiver in football in Anquan Boldin.

Frankly, that and the experience of last year’s Super Bowl run gives the Niners the huge edge in that department. The Seahawks’ suffocating defense and the 12th man will be the ultimate equalizing factor.

This is must-watch television. It is the best rivalry in football and possibly all of sports, so this is sure to be a classic. If the Seahawks don’t get Harvin back, though, I am not sure they can keep up with the Niners offensively.

It is imperative that the Seahawks start fast and hold a lead from there. Otherwise it could be a long day at CenturyLink Field.

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