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5 Reasons Why the Denver Broncos Will Beat the New England Patriots

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2014 NFL Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why The Broncos Will Beat the Patriots

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Are we really surprised that the AFC Championship game is between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos? Even with all the moves other teams made this past offseason, we're still left with two familiar faces leading the way in the AFC. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will meet for the fourth time in the postseason, but this will mark the first time they've met in the playoffs with Manning being a member of the Broncos. However, the story will be the same.

This game is about two cities and two teams fighting to make it to the Super Bowl. But if you don't think this game is about Manning and Brady going at it in the playoffs again, with a trip to the big game on the line no less, then you're just not tuned it. This game is all about the legacies of both men.

Manning is trying to make it to his third Super Bowl, while Brady will be trying to make it to his sixth. Brady is 18-7 all time in the postseason, while Manning is 10-11. In my mind, there's no question who has more on the line here. It's clearly Manning. He's on a mission this year to prove his doubters wrong, but he's also on a mission to make history.

If Manning can make it to and win the Super Bowl this season, he'll become the first player in NFL history to start at QB and win two SBs with two different teams. Brady on the other hand, is trying to tie Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only quarterbacks to win four SBs. This game is about the Broncos and Patriots, but when we look back on this game 20 years from now, it will be all about Manning vs. Brady XV.

With all that in mind, here are five reasons why the Broncos will win:

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LeGarrette Blount Won't Go Off Again

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Blount had the game of this life against the Colts in the divisional round. That flat out won't happen again. He might find the end zone on a couple of occasions because of goal line carries, but he won't run all over the Denver defense.

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Denver Has Too Many Playmakers


There's just no way the Pats can match points with Broncos. The last thing New England wants is a shootout. Maybe if they had Gronk it would be a different story, but he'll be watching the game with the rest of us.

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Manning Will Outduel Brady


When this game is in the books, Manning will have had a better game than Brady. Not only will he have better stats, he'll have made the big throws when they count the most. Brady will make his fair share of big throws, but Manning will make more.

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Broncos Fans

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While the Broncos don't have a '12th Man' by any means, they still have some solid fans. The Denver faithful showed how loud they can get in the divisional round and I look for them to turn it up another notch in the championship game.

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Denver Will Control the Clock

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Just like they did against the Chargers, the Broncos will control the ball and the clock. Manning will take short throws all day long and we all know he's not afraid to check into a run at anytime. The less Brady has the ball, the better chance the Broncos have at winning.