How Will Jim Caldwell Be Remembered By Baltimore Ravens Fans?

By Dan Abeshouse
Jim Caldwell
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It’s official. After weeks of speculation, now former Baltimore Ravens OC Jim Caldwell has been hired to be the head coach of the Detroit Lions. Personally, I’m excited because as a Ravens fan myself, I want Norv Turner. I also wouldn’t mind Gary Kubiak or whatever other hot name is out there. It will probably be a few weeks before a new man takes over as Ravens OC, but until then, let’s look at Caldwell’s legacy in Baltimore.

Caldwell was originally hired last year to be the Ravens QB coach. He was going to bring Joe Flacco to a new level. And for the most part he kind of did. Caldwell had to take over OC duties over three quarters into the season as Cam Cameron was fired. Caldwell admitted he didn’t change much, but he did play to more of Flacco’s strengths, namely the deep ball. The rest is history as the Ravens’ offense rolled to a Super Bowl title. The 2013 season didn’t go as well, however, as the Ravens’ offense finished 29th overall. What will Caldwell be remembered for, though? I would say he won’t be remembered and I’ll explain why.

Firstly, during the Super Bowl run, Caldwell was always in the shadows of Flacco, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones and Ray Lewis‘ “Last ride.” Caldwell being the OC was a little underplayed in my opinion. The same goes for the 2013 season. Everyone was so quick to blame the struggles of the offense on Flacco, the offensive line, Ray Rice or “run game” coordinator Juan Castillo. Nobody was really calling for Caldwell’s head. Ultimately, Caldwell is like the guy who played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore. Nobody knows that guys name, but he’s always a jerk in every movie. Caldwell isn’t a jerk, though, so perhaps that was a bad analogy. Aha, I got it. He’s more like T-Dawg from The Walking Dead. He did good things and was a key contributor, but was pretty much forgettable and nobody really cared when the character died. By the way, the jerk’s name is Christopher McDonald (Thanks IMDB, I’ll still forget, though).

Like I said earlier Caldwell is a good guy and I wish him the best in Detroit. Whether forgettable or not, Caldwell deserves to have a special place in the hearts of Ravens fans. He does for me anyway. Now go and make a man out of Matthew Stafford.

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