Jacksonville Jaguars Will Have Plenty Of Cap Space To Operate This Offseason

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a season where there were some notable strides made on the field despite the 4-12 record, the Jacksonville Jaguars could be in line to play a big role during the free agency period.

The team doesn’t have many notable players going into the open market – with the exception of Maurice Jones-Drew who already stated that will test his worth before making a decision – and according to reports, the Jags will have plenty of money available to make signings during the free agency period.

As the National Football Post reported, the Jaguars will have more than $50 million to spend solely on the free agent market, although that number would be lower if they agreed to a deal with some of their free agents – most notably Chad Henne – before the period officially starts on March 11. This doesn’t mean that the Jaguars will go after big names available, but rather that they will be a tough team to beat when bidding.

GM David Caldwell has already told the fans that they won’t make any marquee signings, as they are not yet there in the rebuilding process, but they will attempt to fill the several holes the team has in the roster. Since the QB situation will most likely be solved through the Draft and with the team already set in the secondary, the Jags will probably target O-Line and D-Line help, two of the team’s most glaring weaknesses.

If the money is enough, the Jaguars could even go after a wide receiver – most likely a physical one since Mercedes Lewis is the only player on the roster able to make strong catches – but the amount of cash available surely bodes well for the Jaguars’ chances. They are taking baby steps to rebuild the franchise, but all the signs are pointing to the fact that everything is going in the right direction.

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