Seattle Seahawks Make A Bold Statement In Latest Ticket Sale Scheme

By Sarah Woodall
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

On Jan. 11, the Seattle Seahawks continued to maintain its home-field reputation by sending the New Orleans Saints marching back home to clinch another NFC Championship Game berth. So far, the odds will also continue to be in Seattle’s favor to reach its second Super Bowl in franchise history, and this has the makings of another milestone for its head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll can become the third head coach in NFL history to win a college football National Championship and a Super Bowl in his coaching career. So why are the odds in Seattle’s favor at home? Is it because of their No. 1  ranked defense? Is it because of Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch? Well, those can contribute to that reasoning, but the key advantage of being the home team at CenturyLink Field is the power of the 12th Man.

The 12th Man crowd in Seattle has been declared as the loudest crowd in the NFL and has broken multiple world records in the noise category to create the ultimate death sentence for visiting teams. So how do you make sure you maintain that advantage? Well for starters, you just keep your opponent’s fanbase out. According to, the Seahawks’ website is limiting their ticket sale radius for this game to just six states, including: Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and Idaho. Even some Canadian provinces will be allowed to buy tickets. But if your credit card has a California address, forget it.

Is this latest scheme a little low for Seattle? To a certain extent, yes it is. But Seattle is going up against a San Francisco 49ers team that is entering its third straight NFC Championship Game and looking to advance to a second consecutive Super Bowl. So if Seattle can’t rely on Russell Wilson, it might as well look to maintain the fear factor of the 12th Man.

Either way, this game already has to be one of the greatest matchups in NFC Championship history. Both teams are so identical it’s like looking in a mirror. Fans will be witnessing two great defenses and two mobile quarterbacks duke it out in what will no doubt be a bloody battle. All spectators will need to buckle up, because this game is going to be a bumpy ride come Sunday.

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