Seattle Seahawks: Tickets? What Tickets?

By Jeff Malco
Seattle Seahawks Tickets
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If you are familiar with the NFL, you are aware of the Seattle Seahawks‘ fan base, better known as the 12th Man.

They are well known for their seismic sounds. They were so loud in Saturday’s victory over the New Orleans Saints that it registered on the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. The 12th Man’s noise is becoming so loud that seismologists from the University of Washington have started naming the quakes. During Saturday’s game, Marshawn Lynch scored twice. The crowd noise from the first was named “BeastQuakeI”, while the second was called “BeastQuakeII”.

All of which is to reinforce the fact that, yes, Seahawks fans are really passionate about their team.

But how much are fans willing to spend to be part of the 12th Man? The Seahawks not only blocked the state of California for purchasing tickets to this Sunday’s NFC Title Game, but they sold out the tickets they had in the first minutes of them going on sale.

The only way of getting tickets to the game are through third party ticket companies, and the least expensive tickets to the game are listed at about $400 each. If you want two tickets next to each other, you are going to spend $440 or more per ticket. Fan better be careful how much they spend now, especially if they are expecting their team to make it to the big game in New York with them in attendance.

As we get closer to game day, some believe ticket prices will go down, but it is more likely that the price will go up.

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