Tom Brady Missing Practice For New England Patriots Isn't A Big Deal

By philipalexander
Tom Brady
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Some people tend to freak out whenever Tom Brady misses practice for the New England Patriots. They always wonder if he is more injured than he is letting on or if it will affect his play. Well it turns out that the star quarterback simply missed practice because of an illness.

That is nothing to worry about at all. A simple illness should only cause Brady to miss a day or two. He probably took the day off because he did not want to get anybody else sick, as common colds and stuff like that can spread like wildfire.

There is simply no questioning Brady’s toughness in this situation. The only period of time when Brady ever missed games was after he tore his ACL in the 2008 regular season opener. Other than that, Brady has started and almost fully played in every other game of his career.

One missed portion of practice is not going to hurt Brady’s preparation for the AFC Championship Game against the Denver Broncos. The veteran quarterback is so entrenched in the offense by this point that he could probably run it in his sleep. Plus he has already played against the Broncos once this season, so he knows what those guys are all about.

This illness should not affect Brady’s preparation nor his performance for the game. Most players are dealing with some kind of minor injury headed into this game, so a common sickness should not impact Brady’s play. There are much more important things that he will have to worry about than a simple illness.

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