15 Strangest Players In The NFL

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NFL: 15 Strangest Players

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

It’s been a little while, but I’m back with another one of those fun and more light-hearted articles. This one will be about 15 of the strangest NFL players in my opinion and believe me, there was a lot to choose from. Before I get started, let’s first understand the meaning of the word “strange”:

Strange (strnj)

1. Not previously known; unfamiliar.

2a. Out of the ordinary; unusual or striking.

2b. Differing from the normal.

3. Not of one's own or a particular locality, environment, or kind; exotic.

4a. Reserved in manner; distant.

4b. Not comfortable or at ease; constrained.

5. Not accustomed or conditioned: She was strange to her new duties.

6. Archaic Of, relating to, or characteristic of another place or part of the world; foreign.

adv. In a strange manner.

I must admit that the list I came up with is a little quarterback-heavy. It is a quarterback league though, so I’m sure nobody will mind too much. Just for the record, being strange doesn’t make these players bad people or bad players. Personally, I love strange people because I myself am a little strange. I believe that overall, all of us are a little strange. Some of us are just a little more upfront about it.

The following are 15 NFL players who are all uniquely strange in different ways. I know I’ve probably left a few good candidates of the list, so please feel free to comment on players I should have or shouldn’t have had on here. Enjoy the show, weirdos.

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15. Robert Griffin III

Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

I always thought Robert Griifin III was a tad awkward, but typing a page-long response on Facebook defending himself against random internet trolls? Come on dude. Why do you care?

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14. Ed Reed

Evan Habeeb-USA Today Sports

I don't really find it strange that Ed Reed looks like a homeless man. I find it strange that for as much as it sounds like he's rambling and talking about nonsense, he's actually pretty intelligent about the things he says. Okay, I guess it's weird that he answers most questions by saying "I don't know man" and then he answers the questions. You do know man, you do.

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13. Colin Kaepernick

Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

I can understand baring it all for GQ magazine. You're still on that rookie contract and you want to make some extra dough. What I really don't get is the headphones during post-game interviews. What purpose do they serve? Are you actually going to pump some jams while fielding questions from the press? We get it man. You're edgy, you're cool. Now lose the headphones and straighten up, young man!

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12. Terrell Suggs

Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

This guy is nuts. He's just plain nuts. I can only hope that after Terrell Suggs' playing days, he'll do a reality TV show with Skip Bayless. Some ideas for show names: Nuts and Bolts, the Odd Couple 2, Raven About Skip, Ball So Bayless, and BFFs.

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11. Jay Cutler

Mike Dinovo-USA Today Sports

I've never seen such a combination of malcontent crybaby on the field and a deadpan off the field. Jay Cutler pulls it off though.

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10. Andrew Luck

David Butler II-USA Today Sports

I know Andrew Luck doesn't choose to have a voice like Andre the Giant, but he can do something about that beard. Seriously man, you look like an adult version of Children of the Corn.

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9. Jacoby Jones

Evan Habeeb-USA Today Sports

Jacoby Jones is a weird dude and he knows he's weird. Jones embraces his strangeness to the fullest, which can be seen in his touchdown dances and his interviews with the press.

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8. Joesph Fauria

Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

You've got to love anyone that does the Cat Daddy after a touchdown like Joesph Fauria. I do an interesting version myself. I call it the "White-Jewish-No-Rhythm" version.

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7. Dez Bryant

Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

Dez Bryant is a bad sort of strange. That negative, over-emotional, crybaby type. At least he has a cool mohawk thing going on, so that's something.

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6. Philip Rivers

Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

The bolo tie is a little weird. Philip Rivers' throwing motion is a little weird as well. Rivers' facial expressions are a little weird -- just look at that photo. The weirdest thing of all though is that it seems like this dude has all kinds of multiple personalities that come out during games. This man is all over the place.

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5. Eli Manning

Jim O'Connor-USA Today Sports

I don't what it is, but Eli Manning is a little out there. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I don't think the elevator goes all the way to the top.

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4. Rob Gronkowski

Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

If Rob Gronkowski dances shirtless with a broken arm, then just imagine what he'll do with a torn ACL. I'm thinking arm wrestling. I don't know why, but arm wrestling.

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3. Jared Allen

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA Today Sports

Here's another guy that's out of his freaking tree -- in a good way though. Bring back the mullet, man. You pull it off like no one else.

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2. Manti Te'o

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

I never needed an imaginary friend as a kid, not with Nintendo around. Then again, I used to throw a football to myself in the front yard and pretend like it was an actual game. I get it, Manti Te'o. I think I get it.

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1. Tom Brady

Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

For someone who's supposed to be a gritty, hard-nosed quarterback, Tom Brady sure likes his Ugg boots and other feminine things. I guess he's just trying to keep up with his supermodel wife.