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5 Philadelphia Eagles Players Who Won’t Be Back in 2014

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5 Philadelphia Eagles Players Who Won’t Be Back in 2014

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After identifying the direction in which they want to move towards in free agency, the Philadelphia Eagles will have some decisions to make about their roster in order to make room for them to improve. Each year, many players earn themselves spots on NFL rosters heading into the next season. The opposite occurs for those who fail to prove to the coaching staff. Those players will either be allowed to walk in free agency or released with the idea that they can be replaced.

It’s likely that Philadelphia will make an attempt to sign a few of their players who are due to hit the free agent market in March. However, there is a group of players who will most likely walk into free agency looking for new teams around the league. It is a harsh reality of the NFL which hits at the end of every season.

There are a few Eagles who have been around for some time and will probably see their time in Philadelphia cut short at the official end of the 2013 season. Big decisions will need to be made on some players who were once high draft picks and haven’t turned out. Others will be easier decisions because of the lack of impact that those players have had in the new system under Chip Kelly.

No matter how you look at it, the Eagles will continue to try and improve for 2014, and that means certain players will need to be moved. Here are five players who won't be back with the Eagles in 2014.

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5. Kurt Coleman

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A reserve safety who saw little time as a part of the defensive unit in 2013, Kurt Coleman has likely seen his last action in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform. Coleman, who spent much of his time manning special teams, was part of a group that struggled greatly to provide the production that the team was looking for at the position. Being that Kelly can likely fill the special teams spot with someone who can prove more useful in other aspects of the game, Coleman could find himself searching for a new home come 2014.

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4. James Casey

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A player who didn’t see much of the field due to the success of the players in front of him, James Casey could be looking for another team again in 2014. Casey, who was signed as a versatile and athletic tight end, saw little time with both Brent Celek and Zach Ertz featuring in the Chip Kelly offense. Casey did make some notable contributions on special teams, but it has yet to be seen if that will be enough to hold him a roster spot for the upcoming season. With the upcoming Ertz on the radar, it is likely that Casey will be let go to make room for another young tight end that can help build for the future.

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3. Roc Carmichael

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A backup in the secondary who spent much of his time manning special teams, Roc Carmichael has had more glaring mistakes than standout plays in his short time with the Eagles. Looking back at 2013, he notably gave up extra yards with silly penalties, gave away special teams opportunities to lock the opponent in their end, and was spotlighted by opposing quarterbacks as the player to go at while shadowing receivers. Carmichael was added late, not joining the Eagles until September of 2013 and has likely seen his last action in Philadelphia.

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2. Alex Henery

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The fourth-round draft choice of the Eagles in 2011, Alex Henery looked like he would have a promising future. However, his hiccups in 2013 quickly began to outnumber the positives. His continued inability to consistently kick the ball through the end zone for touchbacks has handcuffed the special teams at times. In addition, Chip Kelly seemed to have little confidence in allowing Henery to attempt anything outside 50 yards. With his unreliability that seemed to appear as the year went on and his inability to consistently take away the return game, Henery is another player who could be on the outside looking in as the new season approaches.

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1. Nate Allen

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The second-round draft choice of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010, Nate Allen was slated to be the heir apparent to franchise great Brian Dawkins. It really has never panned out for Allen, who has shown difficulty with reading the game as well as tackling, which has been the most glaring of his shortcomings. After being given plenty of chances under two different coaches and still showing plenty of inconsistency in production, it is likely that the Eagles will opt to let Allen walk in free agency, allowing them to fill the position from elsewhere.