Cleveland Browns' Davone Bess Making Case For Dumbest Athlete

By Andrew Fisher
Davone Bess
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Davone Bess turned some heads a few weeks back when he posted an interesting photo of himself on the internet. Bess was seen lighting up what most assumed to be a blunt (marijuana cigar), while sitting next to a picture of Bob Marley (arguably the person most closely associated with smoking weed). Now, he’s at it again on a whole new level.

Check out the latest photo from his Twitter account, which has now been taken down:

Bess alleged marijuana photo

That’s right, folks. Bess is not just teasing that he smokes green, he’s making it very clear. Sure, his Twitter account could have been hacked. Sure, there’s no way to prove that the substance on the table and in the cigar is marijuana. But come on. Even the most naive person in the world can connect the dots on this one.

The takeway here is not that Bess is some druggie. Many pro athletes partake in the pastime of smoking marijuana, as do thousands of other people every single day. The point here is that Bess is a moron. If he’s actually dumb enough to tweet out a photo of this nature, then he deserves a big fine and suspension from the NFL. Even if he can pass a drug test, he simply shouldn’t be tweeting out such images.

What people do on their own time in the privacy of their own homes is no one’s business but there’s. However, when you’re employed, you have to adhere to the company’s rules and guidelines when it comes to substances and things of that nature. Even if Bess was in the state of Colorado when this photo was taken, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not allowed to use or share with the world that he’s using substances banned by the NFL.


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