New York Jets Content With Mediocrity by Handing Rex Ryan Extension

By Connor Muldowney
Rex Ryan
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The unthinkable, yet inevitable, has happened today with one of the NFL‘s most interesting coaches — Rex Ryan and the New York Jets agreed on a multi-year extension. The head coach is 42-38 in five seasons as the team’s head coach, including a 4-2 record in the postseason.

Was this the right move for the New York Jets — a team that hasn’t made the postseason since 2010? Honestly, the team seems to be undershooting itself. Ryan is a good coach that could use more pieces on the team to become a serious contender again, but the Jets have been mediocre for the past three seasons.

While the Jets overachieved in 2013 with an 8-8 record behind rookie quarterback Geno Smith — who even went a month without a touchdown pass — Ryan still hasn’t proved anything in recent years.

The one main fireable offense that he committed this season was the playing of starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in a preseason game in the fourth quarter. Sanchez eventually injured his shoulder and missed the entirety of the year, throwing Smith into the fire just months after being drafted.

Sure, Ryan has done a lot with a little, but going 22-26 in the past three seasons would get any head coach fired.

It makes it seem almost like the Jets are content with being mediocre and not making the playoffs. Ryan engineered two .500 seasons and a 6-10 season in the last three years. What about that screams contract extension?

I’m not sure I get what the Jets are thinking, but hey, if they want to be mediocre and make dumb mistakes, the rest of the NFL will appreciate it.

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