As Expected, Eddie Lacy Wins NFL Rookie Of The Year

By David Galleher
Eddie Lacy
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In not so breaking news: Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy was awarded the honor of Rookie Of The Year by the Pro Football Writers of America or the PFWA.  Lacy had an outstanding year and was rewarded with his efforts by the PFWA.  In Lacy-like fashion, he ran over the competition and powered his way to victory.  The same thing he did all season.

Lacy had himself the best rookie rushing season in Packer Organization history as well as leading all fellow rookie running backs this season in production.  While many rookie running backs played well this year, Lacy took the cake.  He ran for 1,178 yards and scored 11 touchdowns for his team.  He was a dominant force for the Packers and gave their team a much-needed ground and pound attack.  Let’s face it: Aaron Rodgers can’t throw it every down.  Although everyone knows he would like to.

Lacy took over games and took on defenses with a vengeance.  He looked like a five-year veteran out there the way he dissected defenses and made athletic play after athletic play.  Whether it was diving over the pile for a late touchdown or literally bulldozing defenders at midfield, Lacy had it all this season.

Wait, you did know he missed almost two full games, right?  He was knocked out of the Washington Redskins game in Week 2 on a cheap hit by a dirty player not to be named.  Then Week 3 was held out against the Cincinnati Bengals.

So the numbers could have been even better.  But we can’t what-if here.  And to be honest there is no need to.  Lacy had an amazing rookie season and there will be many more to come.  Go Pack Go!


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