Matt Barkley Looks To Take On Bigger Role For Philadelphia Eagles In 2014

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As we have seen over the years, the backup quarterback position can make or break a ball club especially when injuries strike at that all important position. The Philadelphia Eagles last season had the luxury of having two pretty good ones in Nick Foles and Michael Vick.

It looks as if it is a foregone conclusion that Vick will depart this offseason to find a starting gig somewhere else. This leaves second-year man Matt Barkley as the primary backup.

Barkley struggled in game action last season, but it wasn’t all his fault. Barkley came in cold with almost no practice time and was asked to throw on almost every down with the Eagles trailing on the scoreboard. That is a rough spot for any quarterback to be put in let alone a rookie.

Barkley has a few things going for him in his second season. For one he has the experience of being a pro. He has a year under his belt, and that is huge for a quarterback. Secondly, his shoulder is completely healed up. Barkley had shoulder surgery last offseason and even he admitted he didn’t have the same zip on the ball that he normally does. His arm strength should be totally back by now.

Barkley is a guy that Eagles GM Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly were both enamored with. They traded up to get him so it’s clear the Eagles are real high on this guy who was once thought of as a high first-round pick. Barkley will be groomed for now to be the immediate backup. After that who knows? What I do know is that I trust this organization and the vision that coach Kelly has for this team.

Barkley will take on this role and run with it to make sure the Eagles are set at the quarterback position.

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