New York Giants: The Disappointing Season of Brandon Myers

By Daniel Brennan
Brandon Myers
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New York Giants tight end Brandon Myers turned out to be one of the team’s biggest disappointments this season, if not the biggest.

In the offseason, the Giants decided to part ways with Martellus Bennett after one year. Bennett showed flashes of potential greatness but, at other times, he put on a disappearing act. He caught a touchdown in each of the first three games. However, Bennett also caught less than five passes in a single game eleven times.

It was simply not the level of consistency the Giants expected heading into the year. In the end, Bennett signed with the Chicago Bears after New York let him walk. New York then signed Myers, who had played four years for the Oakland Raiders. On paper, the move seemed like an immediate upgrade. Myers had 24 more receptions and 180 more receiving yards than Bennett did the previous year.

However, Myers turned out to be an even worse blocking tight end than expected. At least when Bennett was struggling in the passing attack he still proved to be a very good blocker. Myers on the other hand was a train wreck. He couldn’t block for the running back and he couldn’t protect Eli Manning, which helped plague the Giants offense.

Also, Myers was not productive enough in the passing game to make up for his blocking deficiencies. Bennett actually had a much better receiving season with the Bears than Myers did with the Giants. Bennett caught 18 more passes, compiled 237 more receiving yards and caught one more touchdown. Myers nearly had 300 less receiving yards this season than he did last season for Oakland.

It will be interesting to see what New York does with Myers in the offseason. The Giants have already decided to let go long-time tight ends coach Mike Pope, so changes look to be in store. There’s been talk that the Giants could go after a tight end with their first-round draft pick, but they have so many problem areas that they could go in any number of directions. One thing’s for sure, New York certainly cannot afford to have another season like this one.

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