NFC Championship: Percy Harvin's Absence Won't Hurt Seattle Seahawks

By Andrew Fisher
Percy Harvin
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin has had a lot of trouble staying healthy this season. After he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks this past offseason, many projected that his career would take off. Harvin was essentially an added piece to a team that was already Super Bowl-caliber without him. But unfortunately for the speedy wide receiver, the Seahawks have remained mostly without him in 2013-14.

Harvin’s season was derailed before it even began in 2013. Hip surgery kept him on the sidelines until week 11 and he re-injured himself in his first game back. The WR remained on the sidelines until last weekend’s divisional playoffs, but just one half into his second game of the season, he was knocked out yet again.

It’s now been officially announced that Harvin will miss the NFC championship game with a concussion. At this point it’s more than okay to label his debut season in Seattle as a big time bust. The Seahawks will now have to hope that he can go in the Super Bowl, if they’re able to win this Sunday.

So will Harvin’s absence impact the Seahawks against the 49ers? Simply put, I don’t think it will have much of an impact at all. Seattle is very used to playing without him at this point and because of that, they don’t really count on him for anything. If he was able to play, he’d really act more like a bonus than anything else. It would have been nice for Russell Wilson to have another speedy target on the field, but he’ll just have to rely on the guys that have been there for him over the past two years.


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