5 New England Patriots Who Shouldn’t Be Back In 2014

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5 New England Patriots Who Shouldn't Be Back In 2014

New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots have one of the deepest and most talented rosters in the NFL year in and year out. But despite all that talent, there are still places where New England can improve by subtraction. It doesn’t matter how good your roster is there are always a few players that the team would be better without.

Sometimes it’s as simple as talent. If the player isn’t getting the job done, a team has to be quick and decisive when it comes to shipping him out of town and getting someone better on the roster. This is professional football after all; there is no place for misplaced loyalties. Whether it’s a young player who hasn’t lived up to expectations or a veteran who just doesn’t have it anymore, they need to be replaced.

But sometimes in the modern game you need to get rid of a player who is still performing on the field. Because of the salary cap, if a player’s salary doesn’t match up with their production on the field you need to cut ties with them. It’s a harsh reality and can sometimes be very tough for fans to understand why guys they see play well are being let go, but if you can get a younger, cheaper player for half the price who can give you 75 percent of the production, that’s just smart team building in today’s game.

If there’s anything we know for sure about the Patriots it’s that they will not hesitate to make the tough move if they think it will give them in a better chance to win games.

These are the five New England Patriots who should not be back in 2014.

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5. Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly
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Offensive lineman Dan Connolly is a decent enough player, but at a $4 million cap hit the Patriots can’t afford to bring him back in 2014. Let him go and replace him with a younger, cheaper player. It’s the Patriot Way after all.

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4. Kyle Arrington

Kyle Arrington
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I’m just tired of seeing Kyle Arrington get beat. I know he’s not really that bad; in fact he’s quite a capable cover guy in the slot, but at this point I think I’ve developed a twitch for every time I hear his name. Actually, just writing about him is making me feel like someone is about to score a touchdown on me.

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3. Ryan Mallett

Ryan Mallett
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At this point the Patriots need to get something in return for Ryan Mallett. He’s played well enough in limited preseason action, but even though Tom Brady's best days are behind him, he still has a few more good years left. By the time the Patriots need another starting quarterback Mallett won’t be a promising young player anymore.

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2. Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson
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The Adrian Wilson experiment was a bust. The former Pro Bowler could have made a difference in New England if it wasn’t for the fact that he had nothing left in the tank. Unfortunately for the Patriots, it’s always the last team that figures out an older player just doesn’t have it anymore.

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1. Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes
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The writing is all over the wall on this one. Brandon Spikes is a good inside linebacker and will be a solid contributor on his next team, but when you’re blaming the snow for why you can’t get to practice you’re not the kind of player the Patriots want on their team.

Hey Brandon, there’s this thing called a plow. It can get you out of your driveway. If my parents can afford one, I’m pretty sure an NFL linebacker can. Good luck next year when the Baltimore Ravens overpay you.

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