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5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Shouldn’t Be Back in 2014

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5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Shouldn't Be Back in 2014

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It's safe to say the Philadelphia Eagles had a banner year in season one of the Chip Kelly regime. The team, veterans and young players alike bought into what coach Kelly was selling. They adhered to his strict nutrition program, there weren't any holdouts and there seemed to be a camaraderie among players both in the locker room and on the field.

There's no doubt Kelly looks like a special head coach. The Eagles reached the postseason for the first time in three seasons in Kelly's first year on the job. They also went from four wins to 10, more than doubling their win total from the year before.

What makes it all the more impressive is that Kelly is just starting to build a foundation and load this team with "Kelly" guys. This isn't like the San Francisco 49ers when Jim Harbaugh took over. That team was loaded on both sides of the ball and ready to compete from day one.

In many ways Kelly is going to need to start over. The defense has overhauled to a 3-4 scheme under Billy Davis, and some pieces simply don't fit. The Eagles will look to find the right fits both in free agency and the draft.

Look for the Birds to be active working the phones the next few months. This is a team that wants to compete and win championships now rather than later. Kelly doesn't know what the term "rebuilding" means.

He demands instant results. Year one was a resounding success. Now he and the players have something to build on. The offseason won't be new to anyone. Inevitably there will be major roster turnover just as there is every season. Kelly wants his guys in here, and the ones that don't fit schematically are going to have to go.

Let's take a look at 5 Philadelphia Eagles who shouldn't be back in 2014.

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5. Jason Avant

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Jason Avant has been a solid, dependable veteran presence in the slot for the Philadelphia Eagles for years. His time may be up, though. He's getting up there having just turned 30, and Chip Kelly desires a more athletic presence in the slot. Also, depending on what happens with Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin he could be fourth in the pecking order behind Maclin, Cooper and DeSean Jackson. I believe Kelly will find Avant's replacement in May's draft.

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4. Brandon Graham

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Brandon Graham simply doesn't fit the 3-4 scheme, and it's time for a change of scenery for the young pass rusher. He got limited snaps this season and didn't seem to grasp the defense. A trade to a 4-3 club even for late-round draft pick seems like the right move.

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3. Patrick Chung

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Patrick Chung was supposed to come in and be the veteran presence at safety that this team needed. It ended up being a failure. Chung was a liability in coverage and missed too many tackles for a player that's been in the league for a while. Chung will be changing addresses this offseason.

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2. Nate Allen

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The safety play for the Eagles has been below average for years, and Nate Allen is a big part of that. Allen wasn't horrible this season, but he failed to make any plays. He's just sort of a guy that is there. The Eagles need much more than that from the safety spot. Finding a playmaker in the secondary, specifically at safety, should be one of their main priorities.

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1. Trent Cole

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Father time has caught up to Trent Cole. He did turn it on a bit at the end of the season, but then he was a complete ghost in the Divisional playoff game against a rookie left tackle no less. Cole's days as a dominant pass rusher have come and gone. Besides upgrading the secondary, finding a young stud pass rusher is the thing the Eagles must zero in on this offseason.