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6 Arizona Cardinals Who Shouldn’t Be Back In 2014

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6 Arizona Cardinals Who Shouldn't Be Back In 2014

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Hey everybody. My fun slideshow week continues with this latest installment. For those of you who’ve been keeping up with my columns for the week, you might have come across my 5 Free Agents the Arizona Cardinals Should Re-Sign in 2014. If you didn’t read that particular piece, then please take a moment to do so.

OK, continuing on, I’m essentially going to do the opposite for this article. Yes, I’m going to take the same players I used in the first article Andre Roberts, Jim Dray, Eric Winston, Matt Shaughnessy, Karlos Dansby, plus a new bonus guy and I’m going to say why that shouldn’t be back in 2014. I’ll probably make fun of a few of them too. I’m going full-on heel mode here (heel means bad guy for those of you who don’t watch wrestling.)

I’m really excited to do this piece, it will bring me back to my Debate Club days. Only I wasn’t in Debate Club because I thought things like that were just for nerdy little dorks and not for cool guys like me. Being a little older now, I realize I was never even close to cool back in the day, so now I’m going to live vicariously through myself. For the record, I also wanted to join the Chess Club because that game is awesome. It’s OK to like chess, people.

The following are six Arizona Cardinals players who shouldn’t be back for the 2014 season. And don’t be shy about sharing this on your social media platforms, I would for you most likely. Enjoy the show, people.

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Andre Roberts

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With the emergence of Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts is now expendable. This guy will think he's more than he's actually worth, when in reality, he's just another guy. At least the Cleveland Browns are always around to overpay anyone and everyone.

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Jim Dray

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I really have nothing against this dude, but seeing as the Cardinals have about 45 tight ends on the roster, it wouldn't be the end of the world if Jim Dray wasn't one of them. Dray is a good player, but a No. 2 at best

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Eric Winston

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The Cards O-Line sucked last year and Eric Winston is one of the reasons why. This guy gives up more sacks than a sack factory if such a place existed. And someone tell this guy to get a razor and some shaving cream. The Unabomber look is out, bro.

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Matt Shaughnessy

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Matt Shuaghnessy is another example of a decent player who's also expendable. The Cardinals could sign guys like Jason Worilds or Jon Beason at a cheaper price and they wouldn't skip a beat.

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Karlos Dansby

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Karlos Dansby had an amazing season with 120 tackles, 6.5 sacks and four interceptions. Could Dansby come close to repeating those numbers next year at age 32? I don't see it. If this dude wants a big-money contract, then he shouldn't be back next season.

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Rashard Mendenhall

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Rashard Mendenhall is the bonus guy I was talking about and I couldn't be more excited about it. This guy sucks, sucks, sucks. Seriously, I've never seen the appeal of this guy. He's so ordinary, it's not even funny. Hey Cardinals, you have Andre Ellington, use him. The Cardinals settling on Mendenhall for next season would be like a supermodel falling for me. It just doesn't make sense.