5 Green Bay Packers Who Shouldn’t Be Back In 2014

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5 Free Agents The Green Bay Packers Shouldn't Re-Sign

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The Green Bay Packers have plenty of players going into the open market this season, and with less than $10 million on cap room to play with, the front office needs to make several decisions regarding who to keep on the team looking at the future.

As things stand right now, almost 20 players will test free agency for the Packers. The context in which the team is right now suggests that there will be plenty of moves and departures based on the quantity of elements that will leave the franchise and the amount of cash available to keep making moves.

While it's true that the Packers should make a strong effort to get some of these impeding free agents back, there are others that simply aren’t worth of a roster space anymore.

The Packers have several needs on both sides of the ball, but with solid building blocks in their star QB Aaron Rodgers and RB Eddie Lacy, they appear to be more troubled on the defense where several top players will hit the open market. The Packers will have to weight their options in order to see which player is more valuable to the team, both now and towards the future.

One thing that is clear is that out of the almost 20 players slated to hit free agency, five are definitively not needed by the team anymore whether it’s because of the cap space issues or simply because the team can find better options elsewhere. Read on to find out who they are.

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5. Marshall Newhouse - T

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Marshall Newhouse had the chance to start as a right guard, left tackle and right tackle this season, and failed to make an impact, lacking ability to thrive in each single role. While he provides versatility, the Packers would be wise to part ways with him and add a cheaper option through free agency or the Draft.

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4. Seneca Wallace - QB

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Seneca Wallace backed up Aaron Rodgers and showed that he doesn’t have a place in the team going forward. He should be let go permanently.

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3. James Starks - RB

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The emergence of Eddie Lacy as the main RB in this offense, the slated return of DaJuan Harris next season, and the fact that Johnathan Franklin also comes back from IR I 2014 makes James Starks expendable. He posted good numbers and formed a great one-two punch with Lacy last season, but there are too many options on the backfield to justify bringing him back.

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2. B.J. Raji - DE

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One of the toughest defensive ends in the NFL, B.J. Raji is slated to become a free agent and he would be wise to move on to another team. He would get paid more and there were several times last year when it was noticeable that he isn't very good on the defensive scheme.

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1. Jermichael Finley - TE

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The injury-prone TE was Aaron Rodgers' security blanket in the past season, but due to the context of the team – little cap space and several needs – it's hard to see the front office making a strong push to keep Jermichael Finley in the team. Andrew Quarless was a more than adequate replacement this year and he should be Green Bay's tight end going forward.

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  • Scott


    1st of all, we don’t even KNOW what the cap is going to be.
    2nd, we finished last year with 10 million dollars in salary cap space. So at the VERY least we have 10 million dollars to ADD to next years adjusted cap.

    The Packers are going to have at least 20 million to work with under the salary cap by all indications and could have another 3-4 million.

    Sorry, I just keep seeing people who write articles professionally(even if you do it as fun and make very little) who are just way off on our salary cap situation(we have the 9th most cap space available heading into next year with some teams who are, or will be well over the the projected cap. Teams like SF, Seattle and others are either over, or have to re-sign QB’s who will make 20 million a year.

    I do agree with your list….to a degree. I love that you have Starks on the list. He’s not worth the money, even with the extra cap room. Raji you have on there not because he’s not a good DL, but because he’s not being used right. If the Packers would use him better, he’d never be on your list…which you touch on.

    Finley, whom I love, is not worth the money it’ll cost to bring him back.

    • JP

      To be honest, I read that in several places. Thanks for the comment though and good to see you agree with the list – even though if you do it partially.

      And yeah I do write professionally. As soon as there’s more info on the cap another piece will probably come up with more precise numbers.