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5 Reasons Why Richard Sherman Will Choke in 2014 Super Bowl

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5 Reasons Why Richard Sherman Will Choke in Super Bowl XLVIII

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Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks locked up the NFC Championship with a thrilling victory over the San Francisco 49ers. All week long, the thought was that this game would be physical -- very, very physical. The Seahawks and 49ers do not like each other one bit, and you'd think that two games a year would be enough. But, no, both squads are elite and found themselves in the title game.

One of the best match ups in this game was thought to be 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree against Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Both guys have quite the personality and love to talk. Oh, do they love to talk. But, at the end of this one, it was Sherman who got the last word.

On the last offensive play for the Niners, Sherman tipped a pass intended for Crabtree that was ultimately intercepted to seal the game with under a minute to go. Following the play, Sherman followed Crabtree and did a bit of talking on his way off the field. Following the game, though, Sherman did a bit more talking -- this time, for the world to see.

In an interview with Erin Andrews, Sherman called Crabtree a "sorry" wide receiver, among other strong sentiments. Unfortunately, this is one of the moments we'll always remember from this outstanding football game -- the mouth ran by an immature, punk of a player.

All opinion aside, Sherman has his work cut out for him now going up against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. A quarterback like Peyton Manning and the offensive weapons the Broncos boast is going to be the toughest test yet for Sherman and his Seattle defense. Will Sherman step up to the task? Here are five reasons why I believe the answer to that question is, no.

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5. Pride Comes Before the Fall

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First and foremost, Sherman's comments following his team's win against the Niners were completely immature and uncalled for. I understand the adrenaline is pumping and he's psyched up after advancing to the Super Bowl, but show some class at least. His pride has finally caught up to him, and it'll show against the Broncos.

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4. First Time on Big Stage

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This is Sherman's first appearance in the Super Bowl. He's been in big games before, but none have been this big. How will he handle the pressure? How will he handle all of the media days? The latter is what I'm worried about the most. My guess is that he'll spend more time running his mouth than he will preparing for a lethal offense out of Denver.

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3. Denver Offensive Line

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Denver’s offensive line has not allowed Manning to be sacked once during the postseason, while the Seahawks’ defense has totaled just three sacks in two games in the playoffs. With Manning getting time, the entire Seahawks defense – Sherman included – in in trouble.

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2. Broncos’ Wide Receivers Know How to Get Open

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The Broncos' wide receiving corps is by far the best in the game -- bar none. DeMaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas on the field at the same time? Sherman is in for a heck of a game. These guys are pros' pros. They know how to get open for Manning, but as I'll address on the final slide, sometimes they may not need to.

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1. You Can’t Defend a Perfect Pass

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Manning is the best quarterback in football right now, and has been all season long. The time he's gotten has translated into near perfection in the passing game. At times this year, even in tight coverage, Manning has fit the ball in there better than you could have dreamed of doing. There were several examples in his most recent AFC Championship win, and in the Super Bowl, I have a feeling he'll be at his best. Good luck, Richard.