Richard Sherman's Moronic Postgame Rant Symbolizes Why He'll Choke in Super Bowl

By RanterX

The Seattle Seahawks boast the best defense in the NFL, which is the primary reason why they’re headed to Super Bowl XLVIII to play the Denver Broncos. The Seahawks also have the best cornerback in the NFL in Richard Sherman, who also happens to be very book-smart — he graduated from Stanford in 2010, which isn’t an easy thing to do. However, he doesn’t exactly have a trend of showing it when interviewed, especially after big games. He made the winning play to clinch the Seahawks’ win in the NFC Championship Game over the San Francisco 49ers and then took the opportunity to call out Michael Crabtree on national television in true thug fashion. For a guy with a Stanford education and his intelligence level, that was a pretty stupid and low move.

As mentioned, Sherman is undoubtedly the best cornerback in the league and he’s to be commended for making that incredible play to seal the deal in the conference title game, but that reaction on national television? Really? This ain’t high school, bro. Nobody has doubted you. Why are you acting like a complete and total moron in front of the entire world?

This is why the Seahawks will get blasted in the Super Bowl — guys like Sherman are more worried about what they’re going to say after big plays than actually making those plays. It will come back to bite him and his teammates.

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