Seattle Seahawks: Richard Sherman's Post-Game Shenanigans are Sadly Nothing New

By Phil Naegely
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

After the Seattle Seahawks‘ NFC Championship game victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went on a rant post-game with Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews that many are calling moronic and immature. However, Sherman’s actions are nothing new in the sports world.

Towards the end of the game, Sherman came up clutch and helped the Seahawks defense shut down Colin Kaepernick and forced the interception. His play makes him one of the best NFL cornerbacks. His play backs-up his pay, and in fact that’s what he is paid to do. It would be nice if he was a classy, humble player, but he isn’t paid to be that. He’s paid to be a beast on the field, which he is.

Secondly, Sherman is not the only classless, immature professional player out there. Just look at MLB players like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriquez who cheated and tried to take other people down with them. In the NFL, players like Terrell Owens showed us the nasty and arrogant side of players.

It’s a shame that players like Sherman and others act this way, but to say Sherman is the only person to act this way makes people look both foolish and uneducated. Sure, Sherman’s actions might shed a negative light on the Seahawks’ first NFC Title since 2006, but he is no different. Nine out of 10 players would have acted like him in a post-game interview after making a big football play.

Don’t be a fool and think Sherman’s immature shenanigans are new in the sports world, because it isn’t and sadly immature athletes will be around way into the future. Despite his tasteless comments, his performance shows why he is a member of the Seahawks.

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