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2014 NFL Draft: 5 Most Likely Landing Spots for Johnny Manziel

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5 Teams That Could Realistically Draft Johnny Manziel

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USA Today Sports

To the surprise of many, Johnny Manziel is all the talk this pre-draft season. A year ago, the playmaking QB was considered a typical college player. Now, some think he could be the No. 1 overall pick. It's crazy what a difference a year has made.

Will Manziel be successful in the NFL? That's literally the million dollar question right now. It seems that more and more teams are buying into the idea that he can be. If nothing else, the teams at the top of the draft board at least have to consider him an option if they don't have a franchise QB. There's certainly nothing that screams he'll be a failure. I think it's more a question of how good he can be.

Those that don't think he'll be a success will point to his crazy plays in college. They say 'he'll never be able to do that in the pros.' While this is somewhat true, he'll also be playing with more talent than ever. Others will point to the fact that he's had Mike Evans as a bail out receiver. But last time I checked, the NFL is filled with Mike Evans-types. Every good QB in the history of the league has had a go-to receiver.

With Johnny Football, the intangibles are there. It's going to be a matter of if he can progress as a pocket passer. If he can improve his reads and put in the appropriate amount of film room time, I think he'll be good at the next level.

So given that most analysts project him to go in the top 10, what teams are the most likely to take him? Here's a list of the top five landing spots for Mr. John Football:

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5. Minnesota Vikings

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Manziel to Minnesota is a long-shot, because I don't think he's the Rick Spielman type. However, if someone high up in the organization is sold on him, you never know. Will Manziel be better than Christian Ponder? I think so.

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4. Houston Texans

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Is John Football the Bill O'Brien type? I don't believe so, but again, you can't rule it out. He's a home state kid and would no doubt be a popular pick with the fans. But football-wise, I think O'Brien will go in a different direction.

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3. Oakland Raiders

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Manziel is just the kind of player the Raiders typically go after. However, I think they're best served to keep their current QB situation in place for one more year while they rebuild the rest of the team. Terrelle Pryor's ceiling is arguably as high as Manziel's.

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2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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USA Today Sports

Now we're getting to the real contenders for Manziel's services. How about his one - Johnny Jaguar. Just kidding, but Manziel to the Jags makes perfect sense. He'd help bring interest to a team that desperately needs it, while improving the QB position.

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1. Cleveland Browns

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The Browns sit behind the Jaguars and Texans, so they might have to trade up to get Manziel. But according to the latest reports, they're willing to do just that. The Browns need a franchise QB in the worst way, but is Manziel really worth betting the house on?