2014 Super Bowl is About Peyton Manning's Legacy Above All Else

By Andrew Fisher
Peyton Manning
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To say that there’s a lot going on in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, would be a huge understatement. There are a million different moving parts for America’s big game and it certainly warrants all the attention it gets. The talk leading up to the game will be about the action set to unfold on the field, but a lot of the chatter will be about one man’s legacy. That man is of course Peyton Manning.

In the game of all games, Manning is the star of all stars. Roger Goodell couldn’t be happier. His biggest star is playing in the biggest game, in the biggest market. It’s a dream come true for the league on a lot of levels. But all that aside, when this contest is in the books, Manning’s legacy will have taken a turn one way or the other.

If he loses, he’ll join a not so illustrious club of QBs who have lost multiple SBs. If he wins, he’ll make history as the first starting QB to lead two different teams to SB wins. On top of that, Manning as the GOAT arguers will gain some serious ammunition.

If the Seahawks win this game, I still think it will be remembered as the second Super Bowl that Peyton Manning lost. Unless they win the game in some crazy fashion, or there’s a huge memorable play, I don’t see this game ever being about the Seahawks. Manning is the bigger story, by far.

So when the topic of Super Bowl XLVIII storylines comes up in the next two weeks, just make sure the conversation starts and ends with No. 18. This is his game to lose. But no matter the outcome, this will go down as Manning’s third Super Bowl. Is the NFL better off if he wins or loses? That’s an entirely different debate, but overall I think it will be positive for the league if he wins his second ring.


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