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5 Houston Texans Who Shouldn’t Be Back In 2014

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Houston Texans: 5 Players Who Shouldn't Be Back In 2014

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In less than two months the NFL free agency period will begin, and if you’re a bottom dweller like the Houston Texans then it probably can’t get here fast enough. In this column I’ll be talking about five players on the Texans who shouldn’t be back in 2014. Don’t let the picture of J.J. Watt above this text fool you. He isn’t going anywhere; I just think that’s a really cool picture and I wanted to use it so back off.

The Texans appeared to be set as a perennial playoff team as they had won the AFC South the past two seasons and made it the second round of the playoffs. There was no reason to believe the Texans would regress in 2013, but they did by an unbelievable ten games. It just seemed like nothing could go right for the Texans in 2013. The season went so bad for the Texans that Gary Kubiak had the dubious distinction of being the only coach fired during the season. My money was on Ron Rivera before the season started. Oops on that count. All hope shouldn’t be lost, though, as this team still has plenty of talent and might just be a few players away from being a winning team again. I would chalk up 2013 as just an incredibly bad and unfortunate year.

Who are the five players who shouldn’t be back in 2014 due to a few different circumstances? Keep reading and find out my friends. Enjoy the show.

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5. Ben Tate

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The reason Ben Tate shouldn't be back is not because of performance issues. He shouldn't be back because he'll be too expensive and deserves to be a starter somewhere. He'll never get that opportunity in Houston when Arian Foster is healthy.

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4. Garrett Graham

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Pretty much everything I said about Ben Tate also applies to Garrett Graham but on a smaller scale.

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3. Lestar Jean

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Lestar Jean is a decent receiver with some upside, but he's totally expendable at the same time with Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins as the clear starters.

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2. Wade Smith

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Wade Smith struggled mightily on the line this year. Smith is on the wrong side of 30 and one of 16 unrestricted free agents. Now might be the time to cut ties and bring in new blood to protect possibly the new franchise QB for years to come.

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1. Matt Schaub

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Had to save the best for last. Speaking of that franchise QB, it's not going to be Matt Schaub. This dude has and always will be limited in what he can do. This is your classic definition of a "game manager."