5 Reasons Why Super Bowl 2014 Will Be a Snoozer

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5 Reasons Why Super Bowl 2014 Will be a Snoozer

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For the first time since 2010, the Super Bowl will be a matchup between the two teams with the best records in their respective conferences. Both teams head into the game after winning their conference championships against tough opponents.

By defeating the New England Patriots 26-16, Peyton Manning is now 2-2 against Tom Brady in the playoffs and can officially make the argument that he has had just as much career success as Brady has. Manning played an almost flawless game on Sunday, throwing for 400 yards and two touchdowns. For all the flak that Manning takes for not performing in the big games, Sunday's performance against a personal rival showed that last season's collapse by the Denver Broncos against the Baltimore Ravens was not entirely Manning's fault.

While the AFC Championship Game featured an outstanding offensive performance, the NFC counterpart featured a hard-hitting, testy defensive game that came right down to the wire. By defeating their bitter NFC West division rival San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks will return to the Super Bowl for the second time in their young franchise history. In the end, the Seahawks' defense, which has been relied upon all year, came through in the clutch with three fourth-quarter turnovers to seal the deal.

Football fans in recent years have been spoiled by some exciting games and finishes on Super Bowl Sunday. From the New York Giants' upset of the undefeated Patriots in 2007 to last year's memorable game at the Superdome, the Super Bowl has not lacked any excitement at all. However, this trend must end at some point, right? Here are five reasons why Super Bowl 2014 could be a snoozer.

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5. First Seahawks Super Bowl Was Snoozer

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In 2006, the Seahawks made their first Super Bowl appearance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. To be honest, poor officiating and how the halftime show would go in the wake of the Janet Jackson controversy were more memorable than what happened in the actual game. If this Super Bowl is anything like the first time the Seahawks played for the championship, fans are in for a long afternoon.

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4. No Major Storylines

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This year's conference title games featured major storylines with another Brady vs. Manning showdown and the NFL's fiercest rivalry with the Seahawks vs. 49ers. The last few Super Bowls have also produced major storylines between a Patriots-Giants rematch and the Harbaugh Bowl. There's no surprise that ratings for the NFL have gone up because of so many interesting matchups in big games over the last couple of seasons. However, a Broncos-Seahawks matchup on paper probably won't generate very many interesting headlines. In fact, big talker Richard Sherman has said in the past that Manning is the best quarterback he's seen on tape. Without as much pregame buzz as before, this Super Bowl matchup might not generate enough hype for viewers.

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3. Cold Weather

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For this year's edition of the Super Bowl, NFL officials made the controversial decision to host the game outdoors in a cold-weather city for the first time ever. The cold and windy conditions for the game may make play-calling more conservative, and although some of the NFL's most memorable games like the Ice Bowl have taken place in the snow, weather conditions have in the past changed the way the game is played. For viewers at home, watching the players slip and slide all over the field will not be something they are accustomed to seeing.

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2. Broncos' Success Depends on Play of Peyton Manning

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Despite all of the success Manning has had this season and over his entire career, doubters will probably not get off his case unless he can win the championship this year. In the three losses the Broncos have suffered this season, Manning struggled and did not play well. With so much of the team's success hinged on their quarterback play, the Broncos could fall behind quickly if Manning's reputation as a poor player in cold weather continues. In such a scenario, the Super Bowl game could turn into a snoozefest.

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1. Super Bowl Due For a Snoozer

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Let's face it; football fans alike will say that this current run of Super Bowls has been the best in NFL history. There hasn't been a single Super Bowl game that fans could have complained about in terms of quality and entertainment. With that in mind, it's difficult for every game to fulfill the expectations of a good game every time. This could be the year that the Super Bowl turns into a blowout.

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