Don't Give the Broncos' Horse Mascot a Drum if You Don't Want Him to Beat It

By RanterX
Broncos mascot horse drumming

Can someone please explain to me why the Denver Broncos’ mascot was told to stop drumming during his team’s demolition of the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game? The fans were going crazy and it was already loud at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, so what harm was he doing by banging that big bass drum he was carrying?

Ok, so let’s say it was bad sportsmanship or whatever other garbage you politically correct buzzkills want to say. Then why did the mascot have the drum to begin with?

If you don’t want a kid to make noise, then don’t give him/her a metal pot turned upside down with a wooden spoon!

If you don’t want a mascot to beat a big drum, don’t give it to him!

This isn’t rocket science, people!

The Washington Redskins have a full band that plays at their games like a college team, so why can’t the Broncos’ mascot beat one drum on the sidelines? And who is this clown in the suit who hushed the mascot like he was a child? They’re paying this guy to be there and hype up the crowd — he’s not just there for the heck of it. Would a boss at a law firm scold his lawyer for winning a case? Of course not! So leave the horse alone! He’s just doing his job!

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