How Did New Pro Bowl Rules Help Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck?

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For the second straight season, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck wasn’t voted into the Pro Bowl. And for the second straight season, Luck was added to the Pro Bowl the week prior to the NFL‘s version of an All-Star game.

Last year, Luck was added in place of Tom Brady, who sat out the game. Brady’s New England Patriots lost in the AFC Championship Game last year to the eventual Super Bowl champs the Baltimore Ravens, and Luck was his replacement.

With this year’s Pro Bowl being different than the past in that all the players are put into one big pool for former greats Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice to select the teams, Luck was added to the Pro Bowl game again, replacing Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. In the past, Luck wouldn’t have made it unless he replaced Peyton Manning as he would have been strictly on the AFC team, but he’s able to play with the new rules.

The second-year phenom has now made two Pro Bowl appearances in two seasons as he threw for 3,822 yards and 23 touchdowns in 2013. He also dropped his interceptions all the way down to nine, so he’s showing he can make better decisions and lead this team to greatness.

Luck led Indianapolis to their first AFC South division crown since 2010 and to the Divisional Round of the playoffs as they lost to the Patriots on January 11. He will return with a healthy group of offensive players in 2014, and he should have another stellar season. He may even be voted into the Pro Bowl for the first time ever.

Eric Smith is the Colts Beat Writer for Rant Sports. He’s covered the team the past four seasons and is recognized as an accredited member of the media by the Colts. Follow him on Twitter @ericsportsguru

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  • Steve Barlow

    No.. actually it didn’t, to the contrary I think this system makes it HARDER for a QB from the weaker QB conference to make the roster. In the past it the best in each conference, now it’s the entire league.


    - Nick Foles replaced Peyton Manning, an NFC QB replacing and AFC QB. Luck Replaced an Wilson, and NFC QB so your argument doesn’t stand.

    - This year there was 4 AFC QB’s and 4 NFC QB’s, but that’s not a rule, usually one conference is more QB heavy than the other. They could have given that last spot to Rodgers or Kaepernick as easily as Luck. In fact Aaron Rodgers injury is probably what landed Luck on this roster, NOT the new Pro Bowl rules.

    - Also, the odds are in favor that a Pro Bowl QB will be in the Super Bowl in your conference, which opens a slot each year. The rule change (several years ago) to play the week before the Super Bowl DID land Luck on the roster this year(but not last year as Brady was an injury scrap).

    - I’d be surprised if Brady plays as he usually opts out of the pro bowl(as he did last year). If he doesn’t play, who would be next in the league? We’re talking Rodgers, Kaepernick, Dalton…. but if we were still talking AFC/NFC rosters we would be talking Dalton or maybe Rothlesberger.