One Idiotic Decision to Throw Popcorn at NaVorro Bowman Has Given Seattle Seahawks Fans 'Classless' Label

By Dan Parzych
(Steven Bisig/USA Today Sports)

In what was easily one of the most exciting championship games over the last couple of years, the Seattle Seahawks and their fans have plenty to be excited about over the next two weeks after the team’s thrilling 23-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday to advance to Super Bowl XLVIII for a matchup against the league’s top rated offense in the Denver Broncos. Over the years, the Seahawks have been praised for their fan base and establishing the “12th man” as the environment is hostile for any opponent to play in, but thanks to one poor decision by one individual–the fans in Seattle are now being labeled as “classless.”

There was a brutal moment from yesterday’s game between the Seahawks and 49ers in which NaVorro Bowman was carted off the field after suffering what appeared to be a torn ACL (his leg bent in a way NO leg should ever be bent), but the moment making headlines on Monday was the popcorn thrown at the 49ers star when he was heading back to the locker room. As fans of the game, it’s understandable why certain individuals may express their hate towards rival teams from time to time, but when something serious like Bowman’s injury takes place, everyone should be on the same level of support–no matter what team you’re rooting for.

So when a video is released of a Seahawks fan showing no class by throwing popcorn at Bowman when he’s carted off the field and most likely feeling an extremely high level of pain–it’s disgusting to watch.

At the end of the day, fans like this individual need to realize football is just a game and thanks to their stupid actions–most of the country outside of the state of Washington is looking at Seattle fans in a negative way. For a fan base that has established a strong reputation over the years for being some of the most passionate in the NFL, football fans now look at Seahawks fans in a completely different way thanks to one idiotic move by a classless fan.

There’s a good chance we may never figure out who this popcorn-throwing fan is, but there is one thing we do know–which is a lot of football fans will be cheering for the Broncos now in less than two weeks.

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