Richard Sherman's Postgame Antics Not At All About Classlessness

By Josh Sippie
Joe Nicholson – USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty much the most talked about thing in the sporting world over the past day and a half. People are either incredibly infuriated about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman‘s postgame interview or they are all smiles.

Enough is known about Sherman’s college history and how smart he is and all that, so there’s no need to restate it. Since joining the NFL, he has been, by far, the best defensive back in the league. I have zero problems with someone who likes to trash talk if he can back it up. Not only that, but it’s just his mantra; it’s the way he plays the game.

And how often do we get to see a genuine reaction in a postgame interview? Most of those interviews are buttered up, recycled lines about how great the other team was and how much work you have to do before the next game. This was an actual no-nonsense reaction.

To call him a ‘thug’ is incredibly short-sighted. Sherman mentioned later on that he and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree have a history. He even spoke out about how awful it was that NaVorro Bowman had popcorn thrown on him while he was exiting the game due to injury.

There is nothing at all classless about Richard Sherman. He plays the game in a hard-nosed, smash-mouth kind of way. There is no question of how much effort he’s putting into it. He brings it all, day in and day out.

If he wants to call out anyone after any game, let him. Did he not back it up? He made an attempt to be cordial — whether it was sarcastic or not is still up for debate — but if the fault should lie on anyone it’s Crabtree.

Sherman being loud and rambunctious after the game isn’t a sign of classlessness; it’s a sign of passion for the game and intensity. If those characteristics are negative in a football player then the NFL is in some serious trouble.

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